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4 Apr 2009


OMG! This new 90210 is terrible.

This episode just had me thinking- 'what the hell?!'

Silver is a complete nut case! Think high school fatal attraction.

She's not quite Glenn Close, but she's working on those crazy eyes.

I think she is confusing crazy in love, with just plain crazy bananas!

Also, when will Naomi learn to close her mouth and stop doing goldfish impressions?

I say bring back wonky faced Brenda, wonky boobed Donna, and Kelly any day. Throw in some Sweet Valley High and it may just be best teen prog ever!

I'm off to watch more tv....

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26 Jan 2009


OMG! I have recently been watching the first series of Beverly Hills 90210 - the original Aaron Spelling version - and I am loving it!

I picked up the DVD box set and what a good purchase - now I want all the other series.

Watching it now - they all looked so young, even though they were about 30 at the time. It is soooooooo much better than the new version of 90210.

I am loving the fashion - so bad. All big shoulder pads, over sized jackets, patchwork jeans, and resident bad boy Dylan McKay even wore dungarees!
My fave outfit so far must be Kelly Taylor sporting turquoise tights, black and white checked cycling shorts, some sort of half top and a light denim jacket - nice.

Now enough writing, I've got more 90210 to watch.
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6 Oct 2008

TV's back, back again. TV's back, tell your friends!

Ok so this post is a little overdue considering we are about 2 or 3 eps into some programmes; but the most important thing to remember is - TV IS BACK!

After the writers strike and the TV drought, I am currently binging on TV. Watching everything and anything I can lay my eyeballs on. (This does not include Eastenders, Corrie, Emmerdale - or anything like that. I am not yet that desperate.)
Basically, I love TV like a fat kid loves cake!

All I can say is thank goodness for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Flight Of The Conchords which provided some much needed entertainment this summer.

So what will I be watching now that TV is back:

-Heroes - The comedy double act of Hiro and Ando are back, and so is the bordering on incestuous relationship of Nathan and Peter Petrelli.

-Gossip Girl - WTF Chuck?! Pious Dan, Pouty Serena, Queen B, Lil J, Nate & Nessa are back. Upper East Side is back in action.

-90210 - More rich spoilt kids, just different zip code. This remake has possibly the skinniest cast ever!

-Project Runway - Forget Heidi and Nina; I ♥ Tim Gunn & Michael Kors (Ol' Jewish lady trapped in a gay man's body).

-Fringe - Mighty Duck - Pacey Witter slash Joshua Jackson is back. Quick wit and fringe science all mixed together.

-Pushing Daisies - Beautifully shot story of a man who can bring people back to life - with conditions of course, and I love Anna Friel's costumes.

-Chuck - More nerdy hi-jinx and spies. A major step up from 'Less Than Perfect' for Zachary Levi

-House - Medical Drama fix.

I'm also waiting for CSI and 30 Rock to start.

I know there are more progs I watch but I am distracted at the mo, as I am watching 90210 as I write this.

So I'll leave it there and finish watching these rich kids...
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