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26 May 2012

Plain Jane is not in right now...

I'm partial to bright colours and prints, especially when they appear on my favourite items of clothing - a blazer, boyfriend jeans, and an oversize shirt.

The following items are currently in my 'Saved Items' list on ASOS...

 ASOS Throw On Pyjama Blazer, £50
ASOS Hawaiian Print Boyfriend Jeans, £35
ASOS Hawaiian Print Shirt Dress, £26

Clearly I wouldn't wear all of these together, that would just be mental. I'm going for summer casual, not crazy.

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3 Jan 2012

Philippines via. St. Tropez

After the torrential rainstorm that just passed over London, I cannot wait to see some sunshine.

Fortunately that won't be long now as next week I'll be heading for the Philippines. Excited at this point would seem like an understatement.

So of course my thoughts have turned to what to wear, what toiletries to bring etc.

As I make my virtual shopping list of 'essentials' that I must have for this trip, a couple of items that are screaming "TAKE ME" are these Wildfox Couture tees from ASOS...

Wildfox St Tropez T Dress
Wildfox Jet Set Inside Out Tee
Obviously I neeeeed these tees. If I don't have them, how will my fellow travellers know that I'm part of the jet-set? It's all very self-explanatory.
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1 Nov 2010

Just Call Me Dora!

My current fashion crush is none other than... Dora The Explorer.

Not for her pink and orange shorts and tee combo - even though I don't mind her yellow frill ankle socks - but because no one can rock a back-pack back-pack like she does.
I'm not looking for an all singing and dancing back-pack / ruck sack - because that would be weird. Instead I'd like some sort of leather or canvas option. My current two faves are:

Let's go! Vamonos!
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6 Oct 2008

Eye of the Tiger

Ummm, how can I put this... I want this tee please!
(Ignore the intense stare/ cheesy model)

It's by Zakee Shariff for ASOS.

Granted it is nothing amazing, but I love a tee.

What do I love about this particular tee? It's soft jersey, its got a tiger on the front, and most importantly - it's colourful.

That's probably why I am also drawn to this 'Life Is Boring' Tee from Urban Outfitters

I'd like to wear either one to work, with my fave oversize cardi and my tea cosy hat.

Done and done.

Ooo, and not forgetting my beloved man shoes from Office.

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