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21 Jun 2012

Watch It!

It was my birthday the other day, and what a birthday it was! Not only did The Husband take me for dinner at HIX Belgravia (which I've blogged about here if you're interested) but he also got me a super awesome gift!

He got me... A fancy watch! I feel so grown up.

Obviously, I LOVE it and have not taken it off since I got it! Aren't I a lucky lady!

For those of you interested, the watch is by Michael Kors and the bracelets are from good ol' H&M.

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1 Nov 2010

Just Call Me Dora!

My current fashion crush is none other than... Dora The Explorer.

Not for her pink and orange shorts and tee combo - even though I don't mind her yellow frill ankle socks - but because no one can rock a back-pack back-pack like she does.
I'm not looking for an all singing and dancing back-pack / ruck sack - because that would be weird. Instead I'd like some sort of leather or canvas option. My current two faves are:

Let's go! Vamonos!
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3 Apr 2010

It's In The Bag

Remember back at school when having the right school bag was a big deal and choosing the right school bag for the start of the school term was not a choice to be taken lightly?

I do.

I was never really one to follow school bag rules, apart from the Benetton duffle bags that came in an array of colours and had the thin rope straps that really dug in to your shoulders and left (un)attractive red marks - you know the one.

I liked rucksacks/backpacks and wore them with both straps on my shoulders - oh yes, I pushed the nerdy boundaries, but I also liked bags that other girls at my school at the time would have thought 'granny-ish'.

At the top of my school bag wishlist was a leather satchel. A nice natural tan leather satchel complete with buckle straps. The ones that started off as that pale stiff leather (kind of like the leather of Louis Vuitton straps and handles) before softening up and turning a nice golden vintage colour thanks to the oils on your hands. Ahhh to dream.

Image from: Graham & Green

I never got one.

I remember the bags being about £70+ and way more than my mother felt appropriate to spend on a school bag.

Now that I am an adult... I have decided to fulfil my dream of owning a classic leather satchel with a Cambridge Satchel Company 15" yellow leather batchel (it has an additional top handle) complete with blind embossed initials.

In your face childhood!
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11 Feb 2010

The Short Straw

It may be snowing and it may be minus degrees outdoors, but I'm thinking about spring now.

I want a bit of warm sunshine, bright days, and enough of the S.A.D please.
I want to not have to wear my huge parka, two pairs of socks, scarf, gloves and hat, instead I want to start thinking about pedicures and sandals.

My current day dream is to trade in my knitted woolly hat for a straw boater.
Memories of my primary school summer uniform come flooding back - baby blue and white stripped summer dress, white thin belt, white or blue cardigan, all topped off with a straw boater complete with grosgrain ribbon trim. (FYI - In the winter we wore berets. I loved my school uniform.)

I haven't started my search yet for a straw boater, so far I have only seen this one from New Look.

... please hurry along Mr Sunshine.
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4 Jan 2010


Ha ha.. the term Bum bag never fails to make me chuckle. It's no better in Yank speak either - Fanny pack.

But you have to admit this quilted and studded lion head bum-bag from Topshop is amazing!

Thanks to my lovely pals who got it for me at Christmas.

Here is a little vid I made using my beloved Digital Harinezumi camera during our Christmas dinner.
It's a bit dark as the camera doesn't do so well in low light, so you may have to squint.

The quality of the video reminded me of the opening credits to the Wonder Years - where there was no sound, and all everyone ever did was wave at the camera.


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3 Jan 2010

Midas Touch

I'm having a gold phase at the moment, and I can only wish of having Midas' power of turning stuff into gold.
However, I'm pretty sure it's a skill that can't be learned, so I will just have to make do with buying my own gold trinkets.

These are a few that are on my list:

Top Row (L-R):
-Medallion Earrings and Locket by House of Harlow 1960
-Garden Key Necklace by Alex Monroe
-Candy Ring by Monica Vinader - In fact pretty much any gold ring from Monica will do.

Bottom Row (L-R):
-Big Single Feather Necklace by Alex Monroe
-Key Ring by House of Harlow 1960
-Sylvie' Beaded Necklace by Fiona Paxton - It's not new, but I don't own it so it stays on the list of 'Wants'.
-Large Pyramid stud style ring by Kenneth Jay Lane - Actually, I can check this one off my list as I have it. Thanks Sale at Net-A-Porter.

So that's my gold wish list so far, but we are only three days into the New Year.
I am kinda shocked I like the House of Harlow stuff considering it is by Nicole Richie - whose appearance in The Simple Life repulsed me and put me off her for life, but her jewellery collection is not bad...

Anyway, my hands are about to drop off from the cold so I am going to stop typing now.
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26 Dec 2009

Head Gear

This may not protect my brain should I be in some sort of automobile accident, but this is the head gear I want to be wearing.

After my mini obsession with Luella headbands, I've now moved on to this velvet Marc By Marc Jacobs number which is currently on sale at good ol' Net-A-Porter.

I just found an old Euro Millions ticket in my drawer - maybe I've won!
I don't even need the jackpot (although that would be nice) - I just would like £63 for this headband.
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14 May 2009

Lunch with the gang - Luella, Marc and Jade

Lunch was good today. Went with Jade and met with Luella and Marc - you know how it is.

First stop Luella...

Had to stop myself from getting more bow headbands to add to my collection. This was very difficult as they now come in lilac, purple, bright pink and orange - lovely.

There were also a couple of dresses that caught my eye, but due to the failure of winning last weeks Euro Millions; these dresses were slightly a lot out of my price range.

On another Luella note though, her website has finally been re-done to show the correct seasons collection - it's about time! It's a bit weird to use, but I'll persevere to be able to look at nice things.

Anyway I digress... after a short walk we went to visit the new Marc By Marc Jacobs store. Only one world to describe it - overwhelming - but in a good way. Obviously there was lots of stuff I wanted, but I settled on...
USA Tote - Borderline tacky it's amazing! I love it.

All in all, an amazing lunch. Tomorrow lunch time has a lot to live up to.
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12 Dec 2008

Christmas Has Come To Town

More accurately and specifically Christmas has come to my desk at work. I'm drunk on festive spirit and have festooned my computer screen with some USB fairy lights. Now I also want the USB flashing Christmas tree. It may seem a bit much, but I love it!

Now what goes with all of this Christmas cheer? Christmas music of course!

On a totally unrelated note, as I was snapping away at my fairy lights, my friend decided it would be a good idea to take a pic of my lovely Luella Bow - she was right! Look you can even see my fairy lights on computer screen.

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13 Oct 2008

Snap Happy

I would be very happy indeed with these polaroid camera brooches attached to my being please.

You know what would make me doubly happy?

This etch-a-sketch necklace

Send in your pic, and they'll turn it into your own etched sketch on your necklace!

Both items are both available from Helpless Romantic
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