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17 Sep 2014

LA Confidential

Actually, it's not really confidential as I'm about to share with you all the things that I saw, places I went, and food that I ate during my recent trip to Los Angeles.

Here is my LA diary -
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19 Jul 2014

Time to Party Party! - Fun Photo Apps

Fun Photo Apps by Jess on
Made with: Party Party

Whoa! I bet this was more of my face than you were expecting to see. Probably should have put a warning up. Oh well. 

The other day as I was doing some essential reading - i.e. catching up on my favourite blogs, I came across this post from A Beautiful Mess. They had launched a new app called - Party Party.
It was an app that basically turned your smart phone into a photobooth-in-your-pocket. However, the feature that intrigued me the most was the ANIMATED GIFS! I couldn't press my thumb print down fast enough to confirm my purchase from the App store. If you haven't already guessed, I love a .gif. 

I do quite like these fun photo apps. Sometimes you just want to pull a funny face and be ridiculous. So apart from Party Party here are some more of my faves currently on my iPhone...

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7 Jun 2012

Say Chiizu!

Current obsession... Mr Chiizu photo app on iPhone.

It makes all photos look like you're in one of those Japanese Purikura photo booths.

It's an app that is not taking itself too seriously and is just about having fun. With lots of different themes (fast food is my fave) I reckon there is lots of scope for this app to team up with different illustrators and create some more crazy themes.

Anyway, I'm off to create more ridiculous photos I can use as my profile pic on Facebook.

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