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9 May 2017

Introducing the 'HELLO JESSO' shop

I want to share with you the fashion and beauty things I like, but I'm very awkward in front of the camera, so I thought I would spare me the embarrassment and you the cringe by sharing my fashion, beauty and sometimes random favourites via the NEW HELLO JESSO SHOP!

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8 Feb 2017

What's On My Face: Skincare I Am Currently Loving!

I'm facing the fact and accepting that I am no longer in the 'spring chicken' category of life and am making my way towards the 'turkey neck' phase, so skincare is important to me.

My mum always drilled into me the importance of looking after my skin, as such I have been cleansing and moisturising since I was 8 years old and eventually added toner to the mix when I was around 19.
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11 Jul 2015

Prove it.

Living Proof Hair Care review by Hello Jesso

In April this year, I decided to dye my hair. Mistake. The colour wasn't right and clashed with my skin tone. It basically made me look like I was permanently wearing the wrong shade of foundation.
I could have left it and waited for it to grow out but I was too impatient, so on my trip home to London I decided to see if it could be fixed.

The day I landed, after dropping off my luggage and saying hi to my parents, my next stop was Daniel Galvin in Marylebone and thanks to Amy - all was fixed - by that I mean, colour corrected.

Anyway, because by this point I had spent more money on my hair than I had anticipated, I decided I wanted to protect the colour, something that I've always been a bit lax on when I've previously coloured my hair.
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16 Oct 2014

LA Adventures: BEAUTY HAUL... and some other stuff

It's been about a month since now since I got back from LA, and it's taken me this long to sit down and do a mini haul post on what I bought whilst in La-La land. I didn't do much shopping on this trip, but I did manage to go to Sephora which was at the top of my 'Shops to go to' list.

If you're sitting comfortably, I'll do a quick run down of the things I bought... ready?

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20 Aug 2014

Worth its Weight in Alpha H - Liquid Gold

Growing up, the age old adage of 'Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize' was drummed into me by my mum. I however, did  not understand the 'tone' part and so pretty much skipped that step until my mid '20s. That was until I discovered Liz Earle's Instant Boost Skin Tonic on good old QVC. It's a lovely floral concoction of natural goodness that feels nice and refreshing when spritzed on to the skin, and I still use it. Thankfully it is now more widely available across the UK and can even be ordered internationally from her website. 

Anyway, I digress...

Since my first foray into toners was a success for my skin, I've been more intrigued by them - especially exfoliating toners. Now that I'm in my '30s, I' suppose I'm trying to make up for the years and years of skin 'toning' that I missed out on. 

An exfoliating toner is exactly what is sounds like it is - a liquid solution that exfoliates the skin without using beads, grains, scrubby things etc. Instead, it uses acids. Now before you run for the hills at the thought of putting acid on your face. Let me tell you that it's not as scary or as harsh as you think it sounds. 
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21 Jul 2014

What's on my face - Benefit Bigger Than BB Big Easy

I thought buying make-up in Hong Kong would be easy. Big city, lots of expats to cater for, and since I'm of South East Asian descent, I thought if there's anywhere I'm going to be able to buy the right colour match for my skin, it would be around this part of the world, right?  Wrong. I went to buy my usual foundation Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in shade B50 and was told... "No, too dark." They didn't stock B50. The darkest shade they had was B30. Whaaat?

Anyway, long story short - I am only able to get that foundation now when travelling or if friends come to visit. This meant I had to look for alternatives. Since it was so hot and humid here, I found I was not actually wearing foundation as much as it would basically just slide off my face. Turns out, foundation did not stand a chance against the tag-team of my face grease and sweat. Attractive, I know.

My search for alternatives did not get very far. I went back to another foundation I liked - Skin by Bobbi Brown, at least this foundation had a wide variety of shades. Next, came Dr Jart's Water Fuse BB Cream that I bought from Sasa, my first foray into BB creams. Which leads me to what I'm using now - Benefit's Bigger Than BB Big Easy.

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14 Jul 2014

Beauty Chores: Cleaning Make-Up Brushes

How I clean my make up brushes by

Even though I try not to wear much make-up in the hot and humid weather of Hong Kong, sometimes needs must and make-up brushes must be used. This also means, that said make-up brushes must also be cleaned. Snooooooze.

Cleaning make-up brushes isn't the most thrilling of tasks, but if there is something that will get the job done quickly and get the job done right, then I am all for it.

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5 Jun 2014

What's On My Face? - Cleansers

Cleansing Oil vs. Cleansing Balm by

I'm a bit late to the cleansing oil / balm party, but as they say... better late than never, right?

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25 May 2012

Bobbi, Meet Chanel

Hey face, meet your maker. Errrr, actually I mean meet your make-up.

I'm a sucker for nice packaging and fancy claims when it comes to beauty products, but if my skin actually likes it, then I am in and end up being very loyal.

However, sometimes my monogamous relationships are put to the test.

I've been using Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation in Warm Natural for a while now, but have always been tempted by the good things I'd heard about Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation. When my Bobbi Brown foundation finished the other day, I thought now was my chance to try something new.

So, I'm about to cheat on Bobbi with Chanel.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (B50 - Beige Sienne) / Bobbi Brown Skin (Warm Natural)

Despite the difference in bottle size, they are both 30ml, both have SPF 15, and both claim to leave a finish as real as natural skin, sounds good right?Finally, there is just £2 difference in price: Bobbi = £29 and Chanel = £31.

Today was the first day of using Vitalumiere, and I must say it's lived up to the hype... so far.

I applied it with fingers (as recommended) and it quickly became a second skin, an extremely natural coverage that has lasted all day. It evened out my skintone, but didn't really cover my dark circles. I wasn't really expecting it to, so I wasn't disappointed by it. I suppose I just need to try and get to bed earlier to tackle those.

I've heard from a few people who use Vitalumiere that it lasts ages, which is reassuring to know as I was a bit concerned by the small bottle. I wear foundation everyday, even though I am trying to wean myself off this practice. We'll see how that pans out.

As much as I liked the effect of wearing it today, I think it needs a few more uses before I can decide on who I'll be sticking with.


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11 Aug 2010

Wild Wild Rose

'They call me the wild rose..."  or so Nick Cave sang.

I know I've been away awhile, well I've actually been in France for a friend's wedding and it was beautiful - but more pics and posts about that later.

In the meantime, I want to tell you about a new discovery based on the suggestion of make-up guru -Lisa Eldridge-  It's Weleda's Wild Rose moisturising cream.

It smells absolutely AMAZING, is all organic and comes in handy 30ml - perfect size for taking on the aeroplane! You only need a tiny bit and it really does moisturise the skin, which would be great for any plane journey with all the grotty recycled air flying around.

Needless to say this will be coming on my next trip with me. Speaking of which, that's going to be... Madrid.
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16 Nov 2006


Hey Ho Blogaroo's.

I got some good news yesterday that I thought I would share with you, I gots me a blogging gig with the lovely people at SHINY MEDIA.

I'll be contributing to their fashion sites: Catwalk Queen, The Bag Lady, Kiss & Make Up, and Shoewawa.

It all panders to my girly tendencies shoes, bags, make up and clothes...woo hoo.

So keep an eye out for my name at the bottom of the posts.

See you here or there, i'll be somewhere in the blogosphere.

Over and Out

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31 Oct 2006

Who needs Polyfilla, when you have these!

If you read my post entitled I'm Scared you would have seen Tyra Banks reveal her beauty secret - Vaseline.

Now I thought I would just share, not so much my beauty secrets but more my S.O.S kit..can't go wrong with these.

1) Smith's Rosebud Salve. Great on lips, blemishes, chapped skin or slicked over the eyelid for a nice dewy look. (Easy on the application, you don't want your eyes to look like they are weeping gunk... think Natalie Imbruglia eyes) In it's neat little tin, it goes everywhere with me and it lasts ages.
You really can't mess with something that has been around since the 1892!!

2) MAC Skin Prep + Prime. Lightweight formula that glides on to your skin and helps your foundation go on a lot smoother. It fills in any fine lines you may have and blots away any last bit of oil on your face resulting in smooth, even and flawless looking skin.
What did I do or look like before Prep+Prime?

3) Benefit F.Y..Eye!. If you want to stop your eyeshadow from going on an expedition across your eyelid and congregating in the crease, then this is the product for you.
Apply a light, thin layer to your eyelid which will give your eyeshadow something to hold onto and prevent it from sliding all over the place. Perfect. Again, this product lasts ages.

Well I could keep going...but I'll leave you with these essentials for now. I will introduce you to the rest of my make up bag or face painting kit at a later date.

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28 Sep 2006

Zandra Rhodes and MAC: Colour Match Made in Heaven

Oooooh I am so excited..!!
My lovely friends got me MAC vouchers for my birthday...what to get, what to get?

I KNOW!!!.... Limited edition Zandra Rhodes eyeshadow compact. Look how pretty.
I am getting a bit concerned as they said it would available at MAC online, but it's not eeeek. Better get myself down to Harrods.

Synonymous for her use of colour and print, Zandra Rhodes was a perfect choice for a collaboration with MAC.

Whilst at MAC I may even check out the Zandra Lipstick.. Now get out of my way, I have vouchers to spend!!
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13 Sep 2006

R.I.P Make Up

As I have some free time on my hands at the moment, I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to have a clear out and do a few home improvements.

Today was the day I tackled my make up box.

I love make up and all things beauty related, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, primers... you name it I've probably tried it. So as you can imagine I had a fair bit of work ahead of me.

I emptied out all my make up and cosmetics on to the floor and settled down with a black bin liner next to me ready to be ruthless.
This task took me most of the day as I stopped and played with every single item. Remembering why I bought it, when I bought it and where I bought it. By then end I looked like some crazy reject from a glam rock tribute band.

Oh it was a sad moment. I did feel bad as I thought of all the money and waste that this bin liner now represented and what I could do with that money now - probably to buy more cosmetics.. ha ha.
I can't be too sad though as I did get use out of these items. Looking back, these items were most likely bought on impulse and looking at my face in the mirror now, 'what was I thinking?' (Clearly, I wasn't).

So my make up box is now looking more streamlined and the clean up continues. Tomorrow... I tackle sorting Photo's and ummm...I'll think of something. (Yeah right)

It seems such a waste to just throw these things out so I'm going to donate it all to the nearest clown college. Point me in the direction of the nearest Big Top please ....Too Too too roo loo roo to to la la ..... you know the clown song.
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