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7 Dec 2008

Therapy Now Needed

This may be one of the most disturbing pictures I have ever seen.

Image From: Woordenaar

Innocently browsing through my google reader at the posts from Digital Photography School, I came across their Fun lego photo post. Arrrrrgggh! May I just say the pic above is not fun, it is traumatising!
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14 Apr 2007

Pigeon Street

I don't hate many things, but I do HATE pigeons. Rats of the sky, winged vermin, spawn of the devil, whatever you want to call them - the point is I hate them!

Phew! I think I have made myself clear on that point now.

Anyhooo... around Victoria Station, there are a fair few pigeons who hang around waiting for the demented grannies and grandads to come along and put out some stale bread for them. When they do, it is a disgusting sight. All these greasy, one legged pigeons all jumping on each other to get a bit of crusty loaf. Urrrrgh!

So, when I have to go through Victoria Station, its like running the gauntlet, trying to avoid the critters as well as hoping you don't get poo bombed. The gits.

Why am I banging on about pigeons? Well, it would seem these beady eyed skanks are smarter than they look. Obviously, Victoria Station is very busy, especially Monday-Friday with all the workers commuting in and out of the city. So the pigeons hang about, waiting to swoop on the left overs and dropped bits of food.

However, come the weekend... where are the pigeons? No where to be seen. Not even perched on the top of the underground exit. Do they really know what day it is? What really creeped me out was when there were no pigeons on Bank Holiday Monday! Seriously, do they know it's a bank holiday? Do they have the day off too? What the hell ?!?

For those of you who detest pigeons as much as I do, you may find the following video amusing. If however, you love animals blah blah blah, you may find it offensive. Way to go Pelican!!

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