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21 May 2016

SO FAR IN 2016

Well, that 6 months since my last post just flew by.
There I was thinking about writing a post about my goals for 2016, a recap of 2015, and some other things... and BAM! It's May.
Anyway, I'll try and catch you up on some stuff that's happened in the last 6 months.

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4 Apr 2009


OMG! This new 90210 is terrible.

This episode just had me thinking- 'what the hell?!'

Silver is a complete nut case! Think high school fatal attraction.

She's not quite Glenn Close, but she's working on those crazy eyes.

I think she is confusing crazy in love, with just plain crazy bananas!

Also, when will Naomi learn to close her mouth and stop doing goldfish impressions?

I say bring back wonky faced Brenda, wonky boobed Donna, and Kelly any day. Throw in some Sweet Valley High and it may just be best teen prog ever!

I'm off to watch more tv....

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Fancy feet!

Today I took my Liberty print Blazers out for the first time. I love them!

That is why I am taking a pic of them to share, and also so I can have an excuse to blog from my iPhone.

I kind of wish I pooped money, that or won the lottery, so that I could have gotten the blue ones too.

Oh well ney mind, can't have it all.

-- Posted whilst out and about.
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16 Oct 2008

Is It Time For a Change?

I started this blog back in September 2006 when I had quit my job to take some time out and reassess my priorities (sounds poncy I know).

With all my new found free time I decided to start this blog and just see what happened.

Two years on after some sporadic posting, I'm still here rambling on.

Basically my current head scratcher is whether or not to change my template, as I picked this theme when I started and have basically stuck with it for two years.

I'm thinking... makeover!

The search for a new template begins...

All suggestions welcome.
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2 Sep 2008

R.I.P Chic Misfit

In a blogging moment of madness I set up a fashion/shopping specific blog named Chic Misfit over on Wordpress. Who knows what possessed me to think I would be able to maintain two blogs, when I could barely update or post on this one.

Anyway, I thought I could do it and probably wrote in total no more than 15 posts, if that. It did get a few commentors though which was nice. Some people even added it to their blogroll - sorry.

However, I looked at it the other day and saw that the last time I had posted was way back in May. Tut tut.
So I took the decision to delete it - gasp- as I no longer liked the title or look of the blog. I did think twice before doing it as once you click the 'Delete' button there is no going back. I thought what if at some point I would want to come back to it, but in reality the answer was I probably never would.

I still want to write about fashion and shopping related stuff so keep an eye out in case I pop up when you least expect it. If anything, I'll probably just add it to the mish-mash of stuff I write about on this blog and bore you all with it on here.

So R.I.P Chic Misfit - It was fun whilst it lasted.
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4 Feb 2007

I'm Famous!

I told you I'd be famous one day, and today that day has come!
Well kind of...not at all.

What's my tenuous claim to fame you may ask...

My bag featured on one of the sites I write for - The Bag Lady, in a feature called 'What's in Your Bag?'. So basically the innards of my bag were laid out for all to see - minus snot rags, receipts and other general rubbish that takes up squatters rights at the bottom of my bag. So here is the edited version of what I cart around on most days.

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5 Jan 2007

I'm Still Alive!!

Hello All.

Hope you all had a merry New Year and that so far it is going well.

I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and kicking and haven't fallen down some well. I've been trying to write on this thing for aaaaagggggeeees now and it was just getting ridiculous. So I am going to make a bigger effort. I've got lots to write and really don't know where to start, but in due time I will have you all updated in the latest goings on and random thoughts that I have had.

Anyway, I have just arrived home from the day job. I am pooped. Don't know what to do first, eat (I haven't had anything all day), nap, post for the Shiny sites , laundry... decisions decisions. (Can you see how exciting my life is? Bet you're jealous)

Back Soon.... Over and Out.
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15 Dec 2006

I Haven't Forgotten.

You guys thought I had forgotten all about you, well I haven't. I've just been busy as I got myself a little Chrimbo job for some extra spondoolicks. I started at the beginning of December and am now completing my second week and do you know what? Going back to the shop floor has not been that daunting. It's like riding a bike, kind of, not at all but you get my drift.
Well what's with the picture of someone about to hurl you may ask, and the answer is this: I had to call in sick on my second day as I had some weird tummy thing. Some of you cynics out there will roll your eyes and go "yeah, yeah" well it was true. On the Monday night I came over all nauseous and went to bed early and then I woke up in the middle of the night and just started projectile vomiting all over the bath room. This continued all night, on the hour every hour. Not pleasant. Dizzy, weak and unable to stand, I couldn't hold anything down. I felt like the biggest slacker having to call in. I am all better now though. That is the story of my first few days of work, the end.
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10 Sep 2006

Greetings from the Inside..(of my Snow globe, not prison)

Hello All and Welcome to My Snow Globe: Thoughts from the Inside
It will just be me and a whole heap of stuff i.e:
-My observations
-Things I like / Things I don't like.
-Events that have happened / Things I wish would happen
-Places I've been / Places I want to go.
and other general blah blah blah.

You know how these blog things work, right?

Now, why should you come and read my blog I hear you ask.... and the answer is 'No reason'.... just drop by if you want to, all are welcome.

Feel free to leave comments and questions with regards to whatever I post.

Anyhoo, I think I have dilly-dallied enough, back to my task of drilling hooks to a wall to create more hanging space for my accessories. (I recently bought a drill and am getting drill happy) This way I will be able see all my trinkets hanging up neatly and have easy access to them, rather than untangling a whole mess of chains and necklaces every morning. Oh the time it will save.

It was nice meeting you all, hope to see you again.

Ta ta.

(Everybody sing)
"Time to get busy. Such a lot to do! Building and fixing 'til it's good as new' ...
Bob the Builder, can we fix it? Bob the Builder, Yes we can!
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