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4 Nov 2011

Have You Met Bob Bob Ricard?

Image via: Reservation In The Name Of Jones
I've been meaning to write about Bob Bob Ricard since the first time I visited, however I never got around to it, until now. Don't get me wrong, I've been singing it's praises to anyone who will listen, but actually putting fingers to keyboard was a different matter.

Anyway, I'm doing it now so I'll stop blathering on. 

Image via: Gourmet Chick
If you haven't yet visited Bob Bob, stop what you're doing (well, after you finish reading this) and book yourself a table! Whether you live in the city already or are planning to visit London at some point, treat yourself and book a table.  Why? Apart from the fact that each booth has a button you can press for champagne, here are the reasons (in no particular order) why you need to visit...

The Interior & Branding

Going to Bob Bob is an experience, one that starts when you walk into the lobby and are transported back into a sumptuous Art Deco world; from the liveried staff to the gilded BBR monograms that adorn almost every surface and menu.

I've only ever been for dinner, so I don't know what Bob Bob is like in the day, but I do like how dimly lit it is when I've been in the evening. The booths, the seats, and the lighting all make me feel like I'm embarking on a midnight adventure via the Orient Express. I can pretend that I'm Poirot, except I'm a girl and I'm not investigating a murder. You get what I mean. 

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