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24 May 2012

I Watched The Throne!

I was lucky enough to go and see the legend that is Jay-Z and the talent that is Kanye West, perform live for the last night of Watch The Throne at the O2 courtesy of my very generous Husband.

All I can say is... my mind was blown!

It was hit after hit and the place was loving it.

I don't know why, maybe it was the excitement, but the thought of bringing my camera totally slipped my mind. As a result I've only got a few blur-o-vision pics that I was able to take with my iPhone and jazzed up with a few apps in an attempt to recreate the Ni**as in Paris video.

I could watch them perform all over again. Until I am lucky enough to see them again, I'll just make do with the video...


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23 Oct 2008

America Take Heed: You Gets What You Vote For!

I know considering I am a Londoner born and bred, I should have more interest in the politics of the UK. After all, it is the laws and policies here that will have an affect on my life.

However, I can't help but be more interested in American politics. Mainly because at the moment it is so much more entertaining!

On the one hand you have Barack Obama a man fighting for change, and who has the ignorants of america quaking in their boots, just because his middle name is Hussein.

But then you have the stars of the show...

Verb hating Sarah Palin - VP contender, and of course...Grandpa Werthers John McCain.

I don't have to explain why he is such a dubious choice for President do I? No, I'll let him show you himself...


This guy is seriously asking you to entrust him to lead the country and shape the future of America? Hmmmmm.

Anyway... After seeing that I didn't think I could cringe anymore, until I saw this: Kerry Katona slurring her words on This Morning! this morning.

Seeesh give the girl a break. Obv she was sober. She just said she had some medication last night to help her sleep, what's wrong with that? If by last night she meant just before I came on air, and if by medication she meant crystal meth washed down with a bottle of champers.

You have one person on the brink of being president of a country and the other labelled an addict just because she couldn't get through some public speaking.. just doesn't seem fair.
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12 Sep 2008

Wonder By Name...

Last night I had the privilege of going to watch Stevie Wonder perfom live at the O2. I must say I felt slightly overwhelmed at the fact that I was there watching Stevie Wonder live, and felt a tear come to my eye as he sang all the classic Stevie songs that I love.

He got the crowd up and participating:
Guys: Turn it up
Girls:Yeah yeah
Guys:Turn it up
Girls: Yeah yeah
Guys:T-t-t-t-t-t-urn it up!

No?... I guess you had to be there.

He also seemed to have a bit of a thing for Barack Obama! I kid you not. He kept randomly inserting Barack's name into the lyrics of his songs. For example:
"I just called to say, Barack Obama for pressidennttttt.... I just called to say Vote Baraaaaaack-ooooo oo oo"
Ok, so maybe that's not exactly what he did, but you get the idea.

It's nice to see Mr. Wonder believing so much in the US presidential candidate, but seriously, what difference does it make to us? We can't vote. Did no one tell Stevie this?

Anyway, I guess we all know who Stevie is going to vote for.

Either way it was fun night, and I even got to take the Thames Clipper boat all the way back to Waterloo and see the sights of London by night. Nice.
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9 May 2008

Why Would You Do This?

It's hard enough finding your own 'style' during those awkward puberty and teenage years; trying to figure out what suits you, and what does not.

So why would you give your child a helping hand on to the road of misfit-dom by putting them in these clothes from Beyonce and Mama Knowles' label - Dereon - House OF Dereon's younger girls line?

You would think that if you had any pearls of wisdom with regards to fashion and style, you could pass them on to your child to make their tween / teen years less traumatising.

The only reason you would buy any of these clothes from would be:

a) You hate your kid.

b) You want your kid to end up a hip-hop honey or dancing on the pole.

c) You hate your kid.

What's wrong with good ol' Gap eh?

Via Perez Hilton
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27 Jan 2007

Mind Over Matter

I see this book cover every day, and every day I shake my head at the thought that this photo was approved, and then I laugh. Ha ha ha!
I think the look he was going for was an 'intense stare' as if probing the deepest part of your mind. Instead, he just looks like he is straining to push out a big poo!
Is it a case of mind of matter Derren? Faecal matter?

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3 Dec 2006

Britney Arrested for Indecent Exposure

Not really! but she should be.

Now that ol' Britters and new BFF Paris Hilton are out celebrating her new single status and partying their way across the US, it seems she has forgotten one important thing - her knickers.
I know that The Superficial and Egotastic reported on this a while ago, but I am only getting round to putting my two pennies worth in now.
Who needs to see Britney's vagina 3 times?... and counting, I am sure that is not its last outing.
One time = oops, and could be written off as an accident. However, two more times ?? Either Britney is really dozy or is desperately seeking our attention. It's a tough call.

Bit of advice Britney, waving your vagina at us is not helping. Yes it may be getting people's attention, but it is not the good kind.

How proud your mother must be and way to show K-Fedex (literally) what he has been missing. I'm sure all this vagina flashing will do wonders for your potential ensuing custody battle.

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I Thought He Cared...

I thought Ruvjet cared about me, but I think this might not actually be true. Why?

Well if he really cared about me why did he make me aware of this ...

It is just plain cruel.

My ears have been abused and I don't know if I will ever be the same again.

To make things clear as to why I am clearly rambling like a loon, listen to THIS.

Make it stop, for the love of all things holy -MAKE IT STOP!!

How can they have an album out? Did people actually hear Katie Price/Jordan sing prior to offering her a deal to produce an album?
I could go on about how she sounds like a gaggle of cats being slaughtered etc. but I don't think that even begins to cover it. It is just baaaad.
I'm sure this album is in flagrant violation of trading standards and tantamount to daylight robbery.

For all you folk out there who may be thinking "who am I to say anything, can I even sing, and what gives me the right to judge blah blah blah' Well no, I can't sing, but do you see me trying to peddle an album?

A positive can be said about this whole thing though, at least we know Peter Andre must really, really love Katie or maybe he's just deaf.

If you end up just as traumatised as me after hearing Katie Price sing wail, we can all go to therapy together as I am sure we can get some kind of group discount.

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21 Nov 2006

Why Does He Do It?

Do what you may ask?... All the running. Where is he going in such a hurry?
Oops, let me back track. I am talking about Tom Cruise.
Have you ever noticed that in each of his films he has a scene devoted to his running? Jerry Maguire, The Firm, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, the Mission Impossibles... just to name a few.

What is he trying to prove? (Mr. Cruise if you happen to stumble across this, I would love to hear your side) Do you think it is written into his contract? You know how some actors/actresses have a no nudity clause, maybe he has a running clause. I don't know, just a thought. Maybe he is trying to make up for his short stature and letting us all know that he may not be tall but he can run real fast, so don't you mess with the Cruise.

Anyhoo, that was just my observation and one that has also been explored by Unreel who has video editing skills that I do not possess.

If you have any theories to this running phenomenon, please feel free to share.

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12 Nov 2006

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Even though Amy Winehouse looks like the rebellious daughter of Dorien Green (from the BBC sitcom Birds of a Feather... come on you remember. No?... Google it then)

Anyhoo... where was I, oh yeah... Her latest offering Back to Black is a 'Must buy'. It is a confection of 50's and 60's inspired melodies which suit her distinctive voice perfectly.

I am listening to it as I write and I can't see how anyone could not like this, but each to their own. It is a worthy follow up to her album Frank and for someone who is only 22 years of age, Back to Black is a testament to her talent.

To look at, I'm not such a big fan of hers. Usually just the sight of her grates on my nerves, don't ask me why, she just does. Anyone see her (drunken?) performance of 'Beat It' with Charlotte Church? (way to kill a classic girls).

However, inspite of this you just can't deny a good album when you hear it.

Now what are you waiting for?.. Go out and get it!!

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11 Nov 2006

Mr J.T - What'cha got for me?

....Well we will find out on July 4th 2007.

Justin's FutureSex/LoveShow hits London town. For those who have got your tickets, I'll see you there.
Must dash... I only have 7 months to familiarise myself with the album.

Thanks Brader Boy Lacdao!!

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10 Nov 2006

Albert / Adrian ... Separated at Birth

I have fallen into the trap of watching 'Make Me a Supermodel' on Channel 5 and the end is nigh.

For those of you haven't been following click on the link above to see who has been rejected and whose is still battling it out.
Tomorrow night is the live catwalk where four wannabe super(not yet they're not)models will have a walk off for the last two places in the grand finale.

Guaranteed to be in the final, we have mumbly Marianne. Who the hell knows what this girl is saying? It has nothing to do with English not being her first language, she just mumbles all her words and I know I am not the only one who thinks this as the producers of the show have started subtitling her. The other guaranteed spot has gone to Albert, a slow starter but now getting into the swing of things... It's all in the eyes.

Anyway, my point is don't you think that Albert resembles Adrian Grenier from Entourage?- a top class show.
Well I do. Here are some pics for you to decide.

Or maybe these will help... Adrian or Albert, which one is which?

Is it the eyes or the mop top hair?.... Either way, they are both eye candy. Enjoy!

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29 Oct 2006

I'm Scared

With it being so close to Halloween and all, I think this is the scariest thing I have seen. Tyra Banks is nuts-o!

Not only is she braving TV without her usual trowel load of make up, where normally her face has been contoured to within an inch of its life. She is jumping, shouting and writhing around on the floor like a loon. I also think she may still be dressed in her PJ's. Did she forget she had a show to host?

Let me set the scene.... Tyra has her own talk show (I think she fancies herself as a bit of an Oprah Winfrey) and in this particular show she is about to tell everyone her beauty secret. Oprah is famed for being uber generous to her audience and nearly every episode she gives something away. Her most memorable give away is when, each of the audience members were given a brand new car!! Can you believe it? (How do I get tickets to this show?)

Anyway, I digress... as I said Tyra seems to be following Oprah's example and, ......oh just watch the video and see...

How scared are you now?
Can you believe how excited everyone is getting over the'gift'?

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19 Oct 2006

Bo! In the USA

In the words on Mel B 'Still got it'!
Bo Selecta 1 and 2 were works of comedy genius but then it all went a bit pear shaped with Season 3. I thought that was it, Leigh Francis would lay Avid Merrion to rest .

However, like a big ginger phoenix rising from the ashes, Avid and co are back in Bo! In the USA.

There has only been one episode so far, but what a good episode. The old favourites were back Michael Jackson -'Chamone, Muthaf****s', Craaaaaaaig David & Kez, Mel B and The Bear.
I was half hoping that Craig David would no longer be in it to allow the real Craig David to have a career again. But I am so glad he is in it.
There is no sign (yet) of Ozzie, Avid's strange neighbour. Instead his companion in the US is his sister/wife. Yes, Avid has taken the leap into incest.

One of this week's guests was Jenny McCarthy who was such a good sport and played along with The Bear, at one point even getting on her knees to give him head... oooh I say. Shannen Doherty on the other hand looked so confused as if questioning what she had agreed to, she had to try very hard to hold back the laughter.

Avid is back and as celebrity obsessed as ever and la la land is like his holy grail, so putting the two together can only result in some laughter inducing tv.

Next Week: Justin Timberlake.
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