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3 Jun 2014

Lunch Hour

What I'm Eating by

When you work from home, 'lunch time' can be anytime. Heck, if I feel like being a rebel, sometimes I'll even have it before midday or sometimes, not at all! *Gasp*.

Today, was a definite lunch day and pictured above is what I ate.  Nothing super fancy, but definitely tasty. I thought it made for a colourful plate, so I thought I would share.

What's on my plate:
- Chicken sausages
- Halloumi
- Scrambled eggs
- Cherry tomatoes
- Spinach
- Avocado
- Crispy shallots

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10 Nov 2009

I'm So Childish

I chuckled when my friend bought me these chocs back from Deutschland.

I also chuckled when I was in a bagel shop today and saw that one of their soups was called: 'Cock-Leekie

Chuckle chuckle.
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14 Aug 2009

Cola Shock - Another reason to visit Japan

Dear Mr or Mrs Kirin, please could we have this genius idea of vodka and cola in a can made available in the UK?

Thanks very much.

Yes you read right - vodka and cola in a can! So simple, why hasn't it been thought of before?

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26 Jan 2009

Pass The Ice Please...

Note to all restaurants and other food establishments : Room temperature coke is unacceptable!
How am I meant to get that 'Ahhhh' moment with warm coke?

Please put it in the fridge beforehand so that it is suitably chilled, or at least give me a glass filled with ice, not one lonely lame looking ice cube that does nothing.

Take heed.
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