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9 Feb 2007

White Out

As we all know is snowed today. Some schools were closed, transport was disrupted and everyone complained about how cold it was. What do you expect? It's winter. We live in the UK and not the tropics, why is it always such a shock?

Anyhoo, when I got up this morning, the snow was untouched and everything looked so pretty. However, by the time I left the house it was starting to turn into sludge. Booooo.

As I walked slipped and slid my way to the bus stop, a man walked passed me wearing... Flip-flops!! Kudos for taking on mother nature, but he is just asking for frost bite.

Obviously because it was cold, everyone was wearing about 7 layers of clothes to keep them warm outdoors, myself included. However, when I got on the bus, where the bus driver had turned the heating on full blast. I quickly realised I had too many clothes on and it felt like a sauna. I'm sure I was not the only one suffering in the stifling heat but everyone stayed silent. No one would open a window, trapping in the heat and everyones morning breath. Bleurgh! Seriously, some of you need to be a bit more through with the tooth brush and maybe invest in some mouthwash. Judging by the smell on the bus, some of you have a bad case of the halitosis and are long overdue a trip to the dentist. Oh, and by the way if you are going to cough, cover your mouth. Don't cough in someone's face, that's just gross. Did your ma not teach you anything?

By the time I reached my destination, the snow had gone. Who knows when we'll see it again, what with global warming and all. That was my day in the snow. Not much happened, just came across more things to gripe about. Hope you all had fun and enjoyed it whilst it lasted. Back to school tomorrow kids!

Over and Out.

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23 Sep 2006

London Zoo (Get comfy, it's a long one)

My cousin and his wife are currently on holiday in London and are staying with me, so I am their unofficial tour guide. I say 'unofficial' as I am grossly underqualified for the task. I was born in London and have lived here all my life (excluding 2 years I lived in the Philippines) and with my cousin's arrival it dawned on me how few of London's tourist attractions I have visited.

The day they arrived we went to Marble Arch, Oxford Street, Regents Street, China Town and Covent Garden. (Well I had to show them what I know - shops)

So, yesterday we went to London Zoo. It was an excellent day out and I felt like a big kid.

First of all we travelled to the zoo in style, going on the Water Bus from Little Venice. It was a lovely sunny day and perfect for a boat ride. (I love boat rides) the big bonus being, once you disembark the boat bus you are already inside the zoo!

Our first port of call at the zoo was a section called 'In to Africa', where we saw Meerkats, Red River Hogs (smelly), Warthogs (smelly), Giraffes (long eye lashes & freakishky bendy neck), Zebras (who would not come out of their little hut as the greedy little animals were too busy eating), Okapi (great legs) and other such animals.

I can only remember going to the Zoo one other time, but in my mind nothing had changed. It still smells like animal crap.

We went to the aquarium and found Nemo and I came across a fish that disturbed me, the Tambaqui. It was the biggest fish I had ever seen and it was their feeding time. They were being fed apple, kiwi, banana, grapes and carrots. Huh?? Forgive me for being ignorant but aren't these items in short supply underwater? It turns out these fish are native to the Amazon and are vegetarian. Their little mouths are so strong they can crack a Brazil nut open!! (I am still freaked out by this fish)

On our travels I saw this sign and it made me laugh. One of the funniest pics I took (apart form the ones where my brother and I are being loons in the gift shop) was this one...

At the cow pen I was reading the blurb on the sign and was about to take a picture. I don't know why I needed a picture of a cow as I have seen them before, but anyhoo. The cow looked at me and started coming towards me flob and all hanging out of it's mouth. I took a step back as I was not quite sure what it was going to do and it smelt. The cow (who I have named Betty) poked its head out of the gap by the sign as if to say 'yes I am a cow- read the blurb and take a pic you tourist'. (look at its beady eye) eeeek. I did what I thought it was saying and moved on.

I got scared in the Reptile house as they had holograms on the floor of slithering snakes. They obviously weren't real, but they still made me feel queasy. In the 'Bug' section I just felt itchy. They had massive red ants walking across some rope carrying leaves, to explain how they could carry up to a billion times (slight exaggeration I know but I can't remember actual figure) their own body weight. There was no glass case to this little show and some ants were making a break for freedom up the wall.

There were quite a few sections that you could walk into and were free to walk amongst the animals. My worst nightmare was the aviary...I hate birds. I basically ran through that section and didn't look at one bird. Ooo I tell a lie, I saw a peacock.

Before you entered the monkey enclosure you were warned to hide all food and make sure it was not visible. Other monkey related news...

One of the surreal things we saw at the zoo was a Gibbon in a hanging basket. The signs said not to imitate the Gibbons singing as this upset them. (Well they are not going to hit the big time if they can't perform in public or take some criticism)

We stayed at the zoo until closing time and one of the last things we saw was the feeding of the penguins (I love their little waddle when they walk) As soon as the trainer brought out the fish the penguins went nuts and from out of no where all these seagulls appeared. More birds, scary. My brother was hit by a poo bomb from the sky and it landed on his arm, oh how I chuckled.

The last stop was the gift shop. I found this snow globe which I wanted, but I showed some restraint and did not buy it.

I also found these scary gorillas. Why would you buy this? I'm sure any child would be scared of these. They looked like they were fighting to get off the shelf.

I wanted to see the Tiger but it was hiding. I tried get closer but as I turned the corner to get to the viewing window, I saw a teenage couple.. how shall I put it?.. having relations on the bench. They were way past heavy petting.

So that concluded our trip to the zoo... I saw all the animals including the most dangerous of them all, humans.

As much as I enjoyed our trip to the zoo, it must be said that the animals did look quite sad and not very lively. I actually felt bad for enjoying myself.
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