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11 Feb 2010

The Short Straw

It may be snowing and it may be minus degrees outdoors, but I'm thinking about spring now.

I want a bit of warm sunshine, bright days, and enough of the S.A.D please.
I want to not have to wear my huge parka, two pairs of socks, scarf, gloves and hat, instead I want to start thinking about pedicures and sandals.

My current day dream is to trade in my knitted woolly hat for a straw boater.
Memories of my primary school summer uniform come flooding back - baby blue and white stripped summer dress, white thin belt, white or blue cardigan, all topped off with a straw boater complete with grosgrain ribbon trim. (FYI - In the winter we wore berets. I loved my school uniform.)

I haven't started my search yet for a straw boater, so far I have only seen this one from New Look.

... please hurry along Mr Sunshine.
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3 Feb 2010


New year, new season stuffs, new wants.

Want #254 - Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Studded Canvas Bag from Net-A-Porter.

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4 Jan 2010


Ha ha.. the term Bum bag never fails to make me chuckle. It's no better in Yank speak either - Fanny pack.

But you have to admit this quilted and studded lion head bum-bag from Topshop is amazing!

Thanks to my lovely pals who got it for me at Christmas.

Here is a little vid I made using my beloved Digital Harinezumi camera during our Christmas dinner.
It's a bit dark as the camera doesn't do so well in low light, so you may have to squint.

The quality of the video reminded me of the opening credits to the Wonder Years - where there was no sound, and all everyone ever did was wave at the camera.


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3 Jan 2010

Midas Touch

I'm having a gold phase at the moment, and I can only wish of having Midas' power of turning stuff into gold.
However, I'm pretty sure it's a skill that can't be learned, so I will just have to make do with buying my own gold trinkets.

These are a few that are on my list:

Top Row (L-R):
-Medallion Earrings and Locket by House of Harlow 1960
-Garden Key Necklace by Alex Monroe
-Candy Ring by Monica Vinader - In fact pretty much any gold ring from Monica will do.

Bottom Row (L-R):
-Big Single Feather Necklace by Alex Monroe
-Key Ring by House of Harlow 1960
-Sylvie' Beaded Necklace by Fiona Paxton - It's not new, but I don't own it so it stays on the list of 'Wants'.
-Large Pyramid stud style ring by Kenneth Jay Lane - Actually, I can check this one off my list as I have it. Thanks Sale at Net-A-Porter.

So that's my gold wish list so far, but we are only three days into the New Year.
I am kinda shocked I like the House of Harlow stuff considering it is by Nicole Richie - whose appearance in The Simple Life repulsed me and put me off her for life, but her jewellery collection is not bad...

Anyway, my hands are about to drop off from the cold so I am going to stop typing now.
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26 Dec 2009

Head Gear

This may not protect my brain should I be in some sort of automobile accident, but this is the head gear I want to be wearing.

After my mini obsession with Luella headbands, I've now moved on to this velvet Marc By Marc Jacobs number which is currently on sale at good ol' Net-A-Porter.

I just found an old Euro Millions ticket in my drawer - maybe I've won!
I don't even need the jackpot (although that would be nice) - I just would like £63 for this headband.
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21 Dec 2009

Don't Hate Me...

I can't believe what I'm about to say... but I like these Snowjoggers.
There I said it.

I can't help but like the knitted reindeer design, and they do look warm and comfy, and like they would make playing in the snow so much fun.
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15 Dec 2009


I've always had a bit of soft spot for animal print. Don't get me wrong - I'm not talking OTT head to toe, animal rugs on the floor or anything like that. I'm talking the odd top, cardi, tank etc.

But now I want this Topshop Coat.

Super soft, super warm, and with just the right amount of '60s feel.

Long story short - I want. Husband no like.

He says it looks like a prostitute coat.

I say.. he's been watching too much Band Of Gold

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19 Nov 2009

My Current Obsession

I want want want this velvet playsuit from Topshop

I'd want it more if it were a dress, but we can't have everything.
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14 May 2009

Lunch with the gang - Luella, Marc and Jade

Lunch was good today. Went with Jade and met with Luella and Marc - you know how it is.

First stop Luella...

Had to stop myself from getting more bow headbands to add to my collection. This was very difficult as they now come in lilac, purple, bright pink and orange - lovely.

There were also a couple of dresses that caught my eye, but due to the failure of winning last weeks Euro Millions; these dresses were slightly a lot out of my price range.

On another Luella note though, her website has finally been re-done to show the correct seasons collection - it's about time! It's a bit weird to use, but I'll persevere to be able to look at nice things.

Anyway I digress... after a short walk we went to visit the new Marc By Marc Jacobs store. Only one world to describe it - overwhelming - but in a good way. Obviously there was lots of stuff I wanted, but I settled on...
USA Tote - Borderline tacky it's amazing! I love it.

All in all, an amazing lunch. Tomorrow lunch time has a lot to live up to.
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9 May 2009

I want...

APC strappy chunky wooden heel sandals please.

Just something else to add to the list...

Either colour will do.
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4 Apr 2009

Fancy feet!

Today I took my Liberty print Blazers out for the first time. I love them!

That is why I am taking a pic of them to share, and also so I can have an excuse to blog from my iPhone.

I kind of wish I pooped money, that or won the lottery, so that I could have gotten the blue ones too.

Oh well ney mind, can't have it all.

-- Posted whilst out and about.
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30 Jan 2009

I Can't Believe It's Primark

It's images like this that suck me in and make me go 'I can't believe it's Primark!', and then I get to the shop and realise that I can't be bothered. But you must admit these Spring/Summer '09 images from Primark don't look half bad.
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13 Jan 2009

Damn Euro Gold!

How much do I want this dress? A lot. It is currently on sale for 210 Euros, but the damn conversion rate at the moment is a major spanner in the financial works.

So I will have to make do with just oogling this Ashish wool bow dress online; at least that's free.

Actually, knowing my luck I'll probably get charged for just looking!

Damn that Euro gold!
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14 Oct 2008

Its Lacroix Dahhhhling

Most of my posts start with the words I want... and even though I wanted this post to be about something different, I have to tell you about this coat that lo-and-behold, I want.

This ruffle trench coat is actually by Lacroix and available from La Redoute of all places!

Needless to say, I will dream about it and want it and keep looking at it until it sells out just to torture myself.

It's not even that expensive, but I'm meant to be being a grown and saving my money for bricks and mortar.
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13 Oct 2008

I'm Jealous of a 12 Year Old!

OMG! I totz love Tavi! (That's my attempt at 12 year old Tavi speak - I'm going to stop that now)

Who is Tavi you may ask?

She is the brain child (emphasis on child) behind fashion blog Style Rookie.

I can't believe she is only 12 years old! At her age I was awkward, shy, and only wore clothes that my mum bought me. These mainly consisted of jumbo cord trousers. Bleurgh.

Her sense of style, her knowledge of fashion and her growing photography and web skills will be sure to put her in good stead in the future. But right now I think she should keep having fun with fashion and defo keep writing her blog.
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6 Oct 2008

Eye of the Tiger

Ummm, how can I put this... I want this tee please!
(Ignore the intense stare/ cheesy model)

It's by Zakee Shariff for ASOS.

Granted it is nothing amazing, but I love a tee.

What do I love about this particular tee? It's soft jersey, its got a tiger on the front, and most importantly - it's colourful.

That's probably why I am also drawn to this 'Life Is Boring' Tee from Urban Outfitters

I'd like to wear either one to work, with my fave oversize cardi and my tea cosy hat.

Done and done.

Ooo, and not forgetting my beloved man shoes from Office.

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11 Sep 2008

Fashion vs. Sport

OMG! They stole my dissertation! Kind of.

On a quick browse of the internet to see if there are any interesting exhibits that I may want to go and visit. I came across this Fashion vs. Sport exhibition currently on at the Victoria & Albert Museum - my fave museum may I add.

This is basically what I did my final university dissertation on - exploring whether the design principle 'form follows function' and all that jazz applied when it came to sportwear, specifically trainers. A bit of a weird topic I know, considering I did History of Art at Uni. Well, the full course title was actually History of Art, Architecture & Design, so it was kind of relevant to the design part of the course.

I did it, not because I had a genuine passion for sportwear and fashion hybrids, but because at uni I had a lot of disposable income and spent a lot of it on trainers - exclusives, rare colourways, limited editions etc. Anyway, it was a very expensive habit and I figured I could justify it all in the name of research for my dissertation.

I suppose it all paid off in the end as I passed my course.

If anyone else is interested, the exhibition is on until Jan 4, 2009.
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2 Sep 2008

R.I.P Chic Misfit

In a blogging moment of madness I set up a fashion/shopping specific blog named Chic Misfit over on Wordpress. Who knows what possessed me to think I would be able to maintain two blogs, when I could barely update or post on this one.

Anyway, I thought I could do it and probably wrote in total no more than 15 posts, if that. It did get a few commentors though which was nice. Some people even added it to their blogroll - sorry.

However, I looked at it the other day and saw that the last time I had posted was way back in May. Tut tut.
So I took the decision to delete it - gasp- as I no longer liked the title or look of the blog. I did think twice before doing it as once you click the 'Delete' button there is no going back. I thought what if at some point I would want to come back to it, but in reality the answer was I probably never would.

I still want to write about fashion and shopping related stuff so keep an eye out in case I pop up when you least expect it. If anything, I'll probably just add it to the mish-mash of stuff I write about on this blog and bore you all with it on here.

So R.I.P Chic Misfit - It was fun whilst it lasted.
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14 Apr 2007

Primark Oxford Street: I Went, I Saw, I was Scared!

I'm no fool. I didn't go to Primark Oxford Street on opening day. I was at work, unlike all the people who were at the opening. Plus, you just knew it would be madness, and only the insane or those with a death wish would dare to go.

I mean, would you want to be in amongst these crazies - hopped up on sugar and the excitement of finding a bargain?

Not me, no sireee Bob!

So, I left it and thought I'd visit at a later date and see what all the fuss was about. Would this Primark be better than Hammersmith?

I finally went last Tuesday and it was still insane. There were no queues, I was able to walk straight in. Getting out on the other hand was a different story. Due to all people (mainly giddy girls) the store was still heaving, and the line for the tills wrapped around the store a few times. I can only assume these people were in no rush, as they wouldn't be going anywhere in a hurry.

I couldn't be bothered to look, not that I could see anything due to all the people and the moment I had gone in I regretted my decision and just wanted to get out again - but how? I could see no way out. As I walked I was being pulled further into the store and the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street was fading in the distance.

Ok, don't panic... stay calm.

I saw the street and people walking, I headed in that direction- to freedom. Exit denied! It was a window! Teasing me with the outside world. Damn you see through glass!
After much searching I found an exit, at one point I thought I was going to have to tunnel my way out.

Anyway, I won't be going back there in a hurry. I may need therapy just to get over the experience. If I do need to go to Primark, I'll probably just stick to the Hammersmith branch. After the madness of Oxford Street, Hammersmith will seem like an oasis of calm in comparison.

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4 Feb 2007

I'm Famous!

I told you I'd be famous one day, and today that day has come!
Well kind of...not at all.

What's my tenuous claim to fame you may ask...

My bag featured on one of the sites I write for - The Bag Lady, in a feature called 'What's in Your Bag?'. So basically the innards of my bag were laid out for all to see - minus snot rags, receipts and other general rubbish that takes up squatters rights at the bottom of my bag. So here is the edited version of what I cart around on most days.

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