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3 Aug 2014

Seoul Adventures Part 2 - Food

Korean pancakes and salads
When visiting a new place, food is just as important as seeing the sights. Well, I think so anyway. It doesn't have to be a fancy, 'trendy', or expensive. It just has to be yum. Here's Part 2 of my Seoul Adventures - the selection of food I ate whilst in Seoul.  *Warning*  may cause hunger.

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3 Jun 2014

Lunch Hour

What I'm Eating by

When you work from home, 'lunch time' can be anytime. Heck, if I feel like being a rebel, sometimes I'll even have it before midday or sometimes, not at all! *Gasp*.

Today, was a definite lunch day and pictured above is what I ate.  Nothing super fancy, but definitely tasty. I thought it made for a colourful plate, so I thought I would share.

What's on my plate:
- Chicken sausages
- Halloumi
- Scrambled eggs
- Cherry tomatoes
- Spinach
- Avocado
- Crispy shallots

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20 Jun 2012

It's My Birthday and I'll Have Beef if I Want To!

Birthday me at Mark's Bar
Yesterday was my birthday and being the lucky lady that I am, the Mr took me to HIX Belgravia for a birthday dinner. Oh, it was so delicious!

Located inside the luxurious boutique Thompson Hotel Belgraves in Belgravia, we first went upstairs to Mark's Bar to taste some of the amazing cocktails designed by Nick Strangeway before dinner.  I'd love to recommend the cocktail that I had, but I can't remember the name, not because I had one too many, I think my memory is failing me now that I've reached a ripe old age. Anyway, it was delicious and take it as an excuse to just try them all!

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11 May 2012

Tea Time at Kensington Close Hotel

In the last couple of years, I've noticed more and more hotels offering 'Afternoon Teas'. In all honesty I only noticed as a lot more of my friends had started to suggest them as things to do instead of lunch or dinner, and even my mum and her pals went for tea at The Ritz.

As a non-tea or coffee drinker (hot choc is more my thing), afternoon tea didn't really appeal to me. I could definitely be swayed by the cakes on offer, but tea? No sale. It all seemed very fancy and la-dee-dah and just didn't seem like something I would enjoy.

I was wrong.

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4 Nov 2011

Have You Met Bob Bob Ricard?

Image via: Reservation In The Name Of Jones
I've been meaning to write about Bob Bob Ricard since the first time I visited, however I never got around to it, until now. Don't get me wrong, I've been singing it's praises to anyone who will listen, but actually putting fingers to keyboard was a different matter.

Anyway, I'm doing it now so I'll stop blathering on. 

Image via: Gourmet Chick
If you haven't yet visited Bob Bob, stop what you're doing (well, after you finish reading this) and book yourself a table! Whether you live in the city already or are planning to visit London at some point, treat yourself and book a table.  Why? Apart from the fact that each booth has a button you can press for champagne, here are the reasons (in no particular order) why you need to visit...

The Interior & Branding

Going to Bob Bob is an experience, one that starts when you walk into the lobby and are transported back into a sumptuous Art Deco world; from the liveried staff to the gilded BBR monograms that adorn almost every surface and menu.

I've only ever been for dinner, so I don't know what Bob Bob is like in the day, but I do like how dimly lit it is when I've been in the evening. The booths, the seats, and the lighting all make me feel like I'm embarking on a midnight adventure via the Orient Express. I can pretend that I'm Poirot, except I'm a girl and I'm not investigating a murder. You get what I mean. 

Image via: Where & Now
Image via: Google Seach Free Image Finder
Continue reading to find out about the food...
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10 Jul 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice-Cream!

Even though I'm a born and bred Londoner, I can't believe today was my first EVER time at Fortnum & Mason's Ice Cream Parlour! I actually feel like I should hang my head in shame, whilst on the other hand I feel cheated; so many wasted ice-cream cravings that went unsatisfied, when I could have been here. 

We were there today for my friends baby shower, which meant about 16 girls shoveling ice-cream sundaes each the size of a small football into our mouths; all in a lady-like manner of course.

My ice-cream of choice was a triple whammie that consisted of one scoop pistachio and two scoops of praline. Yum yum.  Unfortunately there is no picture to show you as I was too busy gobbling it down.

The Parlour itself was lovely,  a modern take on a vintage ice-cream parlour-slash-diner, and the staff were very friendly and helpful - well the guy serving us was.

Looking around the parlour and at what people were eating, I managed to get serious food envy as it all looked delicious. This place is definitely one to come back to, not only to eat more ice-cream of course but also sample their savoury dishes.

Tip: If you can book a table do so, as sometimes the queue for a table can be loooooooong. 

Whilst you plan your own visit - here's a short video Fortnum & Mason made about the parlour...

Image above taken from Fortnum & Mason

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21 Nov 2010

A Taste of New York

My travel timeline has gone out of the window.  I had some other trips to write about but I just haven't gotten round to writing them up. Oops. Anyway, as this post is about food, it shot up my priority list.

Anyway, so back at the beginning of October my brother and I took my mum off to NYC for her 60th birthday. She'd never been before and we thought it would be fun to take her. Aren't we lovely children?

As well as taking in all the usual sights and tourist attractions - Empire State, Central Park, Rockerfeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge etc. We also took in the tastes that NYC had to offer. Here's a quick rundown of what we ate:

This was in fact our first meal in NYC and our first time at Shake Shack. Touted as one of the best burgers in NYC, if not the best. There are a few locations around the city, but we went to the one in Madison Square Park - the first Shake Shack - where the queue often wraps around the park.

What's so good about Shake Shack? Well let me tell you - it was one tasty burger! Ok, it wasn't mind-blowing but the gruyere stuffed portobello mushroom that sat atop the burger patty (Shake Stack burger) definitely made it something that I would want to eat again. If you like cheese - as there is a lot of cheese on this thing - you'll like this burger. The crinkle cut fries were also yum - golden brown, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

If burgers are not your thing, they also did hotdogs and some sort of frozen custard dessert. Also, if you're in a hurry you could head to the 'B' queue to pick up drinks and desserts without having to wait in line behind all the carnivores.

Probably pricier than you're average fast food burger joint, but it's better than you're average fast food burger joint.

Read more about other NYC Eateries...

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13 May 2010

I Could Eat...

Maybe because I am already thinking about lunch, or maybe because I am wanting a mega trip to Las Vegas - but all I can think of right now are all the wasted meals that I didn't finish when I was last there.

Does that ever happen to anyone else? You know when your meal was sooo good but you were just too full to finish it that you just had to leave it, but the memory of it and how it tasted has stayed with you along with the regret of not eating it all. No? Ok, just me then.

Well one of my fave meals that I never finished was at Wolfgang Pucks Bar & Grill at the MGM Grand.

I think US portion size is well documented, so after my chicken salad with noodles for starter I was already stuffed. (You know it was good by the fact I remember this meal!) For my main I ordered a full rack of BBQ ribs with corn bread...yuuuuuuuum. I managed two ribs and a bit of corn bread and then had to leave the rest. Between what I left unfinished and what Mr B left - it was still a lot of food. Oh to have that for dinner tonight...

Anyway, I have scoured Mr. Puck's website and for images of the dishes that we had but to no avail. I'm not even sure if these meals are still on the menu, as this memory is from a trip back in 2006. (Yes I know I am insane for pining for a meal that was four years ago). So instead I will get your saliva glands jumping with these tasty images.
Sautéed Maine Crab Cakes with Basil Aioli
You can't go wrong with a Rib-eye Steak
 Ohhh, now I really want a steak and a trip to Vegas!

Photos from:
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