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4 Jan 2010


Ha ha.. the term Bum bag never fails to make me chuckle. It's no better in Yank speak either - Fanny pack.

But you have to admit this quilted and studded lion head bum-bag from Topshop is amazing!

Thanks to my lovely pals who got it for me at Christmas.

Here is a little vid I made using my beloved Digital Harinezumi camera during our Christmas dinner.
It's a bit dark as the camera doesn't do so well in low light, so you may have to squint.

The quality of the video reminded me of the opening credits to the Wonder Years - where there was no sound, and all everyone ever did was wave at the camera.


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18 Nov 2008

Thank You For The Music...

Working for Urban Outfitters certainly has it perks. But when I look at the US U.O website I always find stuff that I wish we had here.

Currently at the top of my 'U.O I want... list is:

Library AV Retro Turntable

Plays vinyl and you can hook it up to your mac (and PC - yuck!)

iPod Boom Box

Not much more I can say other than - OMG! I want. Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo
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1 Sep 2008

Life Through A Lens

Meet my camera - the Canon Powershot G7. I've had it just over a year and I love it to bits, but I am secretly wanting to trade up to the Canon Powershot G9 (ssshh don't tell my camera).
There is not much in it - a few extra megapixels, bigger screen, the return of RAW format to the G-series and time lapse functionality to name but a few of the differences.

To appease myself and the fact that I probably won't end up getting the G9, I am looking to spruce up my G7 with some accessories... woo hoo.

Ok, so these are the things I want:

Canon SC-DC50 leather rangefinder case. Nice isn't it?

And a fish eye lens and adaptor.

There are a few out there on Amazon and eBay but I don't know which one to get so I am still umming and ahhing. I have to do more research.

I think that is all I need to continue loving my Canon G7.

Anyway, if you are interested in the kind of piccatures that I take, feel free to have a peek at my Flickr.
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14 Jan 2007

Testing, Testing

Testing what you may ask.
Answer: MY FANCY NEW GIZMO, thats what!!
It's my own personal pocket pc (I'd rather it was a pocket Mac, but I'll have to wait for the iPhone)... Back to the matter at hand (literally), with this little gadget I can blog on the go. I can report from the front line of errrr, well I don't know yet but I'll find something.
Anyhoooo... I'm gonna trawl through the manual and see what this puppy can really do.

Over and Out.

This post has been brought to you by the letters M D A -V A R I O and the number 2.

*These tags were added at a later date, as I couldn't remember the html.

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8 Jan 2007

A Modern Day Mi-Wii-cle...(get it?)

So as I said in my last post, I had a lot to fill you in on. I hope you are sitting comfortably as it could be a long one, depending on how I feel. Now where do I start...

Ahhh yes, cast your minds back to September when I posted about the Nintendo Wii and how I could not wait till it's release.

Well my friends and I had been lusting after it for a while, reading about it in magazines and generally getting giddy with excitement. However, for some reason we didn't buy into the hype that if you didn't pre-order the chances of getting one would be zero. So as a result, come launch day, we all felt like chumps and no one had a Wii. Poo.

We heard through friends of friends who had cleverly pre-ordered how ace the Wii was, and of course there was YouTube. Grrrr. Were we bitter? No. Jealous? Hell yeah!

Bless Mr Barnieh, he had tried to snag me one from somewhere as a Christmas present and had to tell me in the end about his unsuccessful mission. Ahhh, it was the thought and effort that counts.

By this time I had pretty much resigned myself to not getting my chubby little mitts on a Wii until well into 2007. That was until Thursday 21st December, the day I got a Wii [cue chorus of angels].

Remember the film Miracle on 34th Street? Well forget it. This was Mi-Wii-cle in HMV Trocadero. Mr. Lacdao and I were doing some last minute Chrimbo shopping, and we were in HMV picking up some bits and bobs. We weren't even going to go there but did so at last minute, and thank heavens we did. I always find whenever I go in there I get followed by the security guards; maybe I have a face like a criminal, who knows. Anyway, Mr. Lacdao had picked up what he needed and I was eager to get down to the games section, not for a Wii as I had given up on that, but to see what games were available for my DS Lite. The hovering security guard then said:

Security Guard: Getting that for Christmas? (Directed at Lacdao who was carrying a DVD player)
Lacdao: Yeah.
Security Guard: Blah Blah Blah Wii Blah Blah Blah (Can't actually remember what he said exactly, but I remember him mentioning the Wii.
Lacdao: Oh yeah, but they're sold out.
Security Guard: No, we got some in this evening. There are 3 left.
Us: What? You've got Wii's in stock now?
Security Guard/New Best Friend: Yeah, should have 3 left.
Me: What are we waiting for? Let's go..... Thanks (as we skipped off down the stairs)

I then purchased the last of the Wii's that they had. Some other stuff happened in between, but the main point is: I got a Wii!! If we had dilly-dallied any longer, I could have missed out.

So we had a Wii filled Christmas. My mum even got into it. She looks like a crazy person brandishing the Wii-mote.

I have Wii Sports, Rayman Raving Rabbids and have bought Golden Axe and Super Mario Bros for the Virtual console. I still want Wii Play and cannot wait until Jan 12th - Warioware Smooth Moves.

So, that was how I came to be in possession of a Wii. The end.

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24 Nov 2006

What Do You Call Yours?

Seriously people...minds out of the gutters.

The other day Ruvjet was showing my brother and I a scene out of Arrested Development (funny, funny, funny ass sh*t... and I have never sworn on this blog, so that's saying something) where Tobias says something along the lines of "my cellular telephone is a lemon". We just found it so funny that he called it a cellular telephone, oh and it was the way he said it.

Anyway, so I gots to thinking (Carrie Bradshaw stylee) why do some people call it a 'Cell Phone", you know as in "I'm on my cell'' and others call it a 'Mobile Phone'? Well I suppose the simplest reasons are; the first one has just been shortened from cellular telephone and the latter because it is a portable/mobile telephone device. However, what I mean is who decides which one should be used and how does it stick? If anyone knows or can shed any light on this mystery please put your answers on a postcard and send them to Jim'll Fix It.

I personally call my phone Phoney McRingring (no copying now or I'll come and get you!), it is a phone and it rings. I added the 'Mc' for novelty and cuteness factor.

So anyway I decided that until we find out who officially makes these decisions, I am. So from now on it will no longer be called Cell phone but 'Cell Tel' and Mobile phone will forever be called 'Mopho'... oh no, that won't work.

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12 Nov 2006

Wi-Fi Loser

I finally got my wireless router all working at the beginning of the week, and my next task was to take advantage of my Nintendo DS Lite's Wi-Fi capabilities.

I only have one Wi-Fi game- the classic that is Mario Kart. However, the rest of my friends are still not Wi-Fi enabled.
So, I thought let me find some opponents out in the ether. I chose the world wide option, why not cast my net out wide?
It took a while to locate 3 other players, but eventually all lights were flashing and a race was under way.

Just before the race starts, you get some basic stats of your opponents, name, wins and losses. As I was new to this whole thing, mine said Wins-zero / Losses- Zero, whilst the people I was up against had stats that looked more like: Wins -7,563,218, Losses - 2. I may have exaggerated a little but you get my point. Me thinks I was slightly out of my depth.

Predictably I lost the 3 out of the 4 races, in one of them I came 3rd...suck on that whatever your name was!!

I have played again since and my winning streak has yet to start, so I am officially a cyber loser.

I will practice hard and Princess Daisy and I will come back and victory will be ours!!

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18 Sep 2006

I need a Wii...

OOOOOoooo look at it... so pretty. I cannot wait until it's launch.
Roll on 8th December.
As I have mentioned I love my DS Lite and I love my PS2, but the games on the Wii look so much fun.

I am not the most technically abled game player and can only play games that don't require a lot of skill. For instance I am good at Tekken and other beat em ups as I just bash on all the buttons and as if by magic can string together a million hit combo. My opponent stands no chance from my rapid fire attacks. I am bad at Pro Evo as I just cannot keep up with all the little footballers on the screen. I don't even know which players are mine and should I, by some freak accident end up with the ball, I don't know which way to go. I am good at Burnout as all I have to do is crash the cars and create lots of havoc and carnage,done and done. I am bad at Gran Turismo. So you get the idea..

Hence why I love Eyetoy games, Singstar, Buzz, Guitar Heroes etc. Where I find the onus is more on fun and participation, than on how good you are (unless you happen to be uber competitive). From what I have seen there will be games like this on the Wii, which is all I need.

I like having stuff to look forward to. I probably won't get it at launch but I will definitely be getting it (or go halvsies with my brother).

For those of you who have not seen the trailer, feast your beady eyes on this:

I am such a big kid. I am into serious issues as well....So what about that Global Warming?....
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14 Sep 2006

I am clever.. My Nintendo told me so.

For those of you who don't know me, let me tell you a little about myself: I LOVE MY NINTENDO DS LITE !! that's it, that's all you need to know. It's the best thing since the wheel..I kid you not.

I got it for my birthday (Thank you Edward!) and we have been inseparable ever since. I play it at home, at work, on holiday, basically anytime I can. I think I am addicted.

At work I played it at lunch times with my fellow workers who also happened to have DS- es. We would inhale our lunch in about 3 minutes and spend the other 57 minutes thrashing it out on the courses of Super Mario Kart. (Blue and Red shells rock... Banana skins suck!)

My DS also enjoyed a trip out to Portugal where we spent lazy days laying on the beach (or in my case under the umbrella, sensitive skin and all that) completing puzzles, unlocking mini games and finding Luigi. Ahhh memories.
I am probably going to have to get this DS a passport because I plan to take it everywhere.

Anyhoo... at the moment I have mainly been playing 'Big Brain Academy' and am loving it. You complete a series of puzzles (Think / Memory / Analyse / Identify and Compute) and it tallies up a score for you and tells you your brain weight and what type of Brain you have. The heavier your brain the smarter you are. How hard can it be?

It took me *ahem* a few goes to get my brain up to a substantial weight and it is now at : 1677g Grade A-. It says I have a brain of an Investor (highly unlikely). I am rather chuffed with that, but something in me makes me want to do better so I am going to keep on playing.

I want to get a few more games - Trauma Centre and also Elite Beat Agents (not out until December...ohhhhh)... but until then I'll keep training my brain.

November - Nintendo Wii (what a name) is released. I can hardly contain my excitement. I can't decide which I want more, a Nintendo Wii or a new coat ...decisions, decisions.
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