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12 Apr 2010

Haymarket Hotel: The place to get married in London

With all the wedding talk currently going on amongst my friends, it has made me think of my own wedding day nearly two years ago. As a result and because I loved my wedding day so much, I am going to share it with you - so sit back relax and take in all the photos.

I was lucky enough to get married at the Haymarket Hotel in August 2008. It had literally just been given its licence to perform civil wedding ceremonies, that when we went to the Town Hall it was not even listed as a venue!

After looking at a few venues, including: the Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street, One Whitehall Place, and the Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue, we finally went for Haymarket Hotel.

All our family and friends live in London, so it made sense to hold the wedding here - less time travelling, more time celebrating! The venues we looked at varied from contemporary spaces to very traditional, neither of which Mr B and I felt suited us and our style. That's where the Haymarket Hotel  came in.

Tim and Kit Kemp the brains and interior decorators behind the Haymarket and the other Firmdale Hotels had managed to mix both a sense of the traditional with a contemporary feel, and thus creating a modern classic.

The Haymarket hotel was like no other hotel I had ever been in or had stayed at. The colours, the clashing prints, the welcoming staff all just worked in harmony.  If you don't believe me, here are some pics...

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