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1 Sep 2008

Life Through A Lens

Meet my camera - the Canon Powershot G7. I've had it just over a year and I love it to bits, but I am secretly wanting to trade up to the Canon Powershot G9 (ssshh don't tell my camera).
There is not much in it - a few extra megapixels, bigger screen, the return of RAW format to the G-series and time lapse functionality to name but a few of the differences.

To appease myself and the fact that I probably won't end up getting the G9, I am looking to spruce up my G7 with some accessories... woo hoo.

Ok, so these are the things I want:

Canon SC-DC50 leather rangefinder case. Nice isn't it?

And a fish eye lens and adaptor.

There are a few out there on Amazon and eBay but I don't know which one to get so I am still umming and ahhing. I have to do more research.

I think that is all I need to continue loving my Canon G7.

Anyway, if you are interested in the kind of piccatures that I take, feel free to have a peek at my Flickr.
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10 Jan 2008

Craft Attack

"The devil makes work for idle hands" or so the saying goes.

Well in that case he must like arts and crafts, as lately with my free time I am rediscovering my love of 'making things'.

One trip to the art shop, some card, glue and sticking later, and I had made my first birthday card.

Now you may be thinking - am I just being cheap? Maybe, but I think a handmade card is so much more heart felt. Before you ask, no I didn't just get some crayon and doodle on a bit of folded paper.

Anyway the important thing here is that it got my creativity flowing again. Got lots of things I want to make and do now.

Fighting the urge to go to the BIG Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road and getting more materials and tools. It is proving very difficult.
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