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8 Jan 2012

Aren't They Handsome?

In just a few days I will be in the Philppines [insert excited fit here]. The main reason I'm going is to see my family and celebrate my granny dearest 90th birthday, but whilst I'm there I plan to take in some sights, visit a beach, and y'know all the usual holiday things you do.

I'm also doubly excited as not only has it been about 4 years since I last visited, it will be Mr. B's first time in the Philippines.

Anyway, my thoughts have turned back to packing for this trip and after seeing this We Are Handsome instagram photo, I started to think about swimwear...

I own one swimsuit and a couple of bikinis. However, I've never been a fan of bikinis, mainly because I just don't feel confident in them. It's just a lot of flesh on show for me. Really, do people need to see my belly button? So I have fully embraced the swimsuit. Problem is I need more.

That's where Australian brand We Are Handsome come in with their inspired printed swimwear - animals, underwater divers, galaxies, or '50s retro photos have all become covetable We Are Handsome swimwear.

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3 Jan 2012

Philippines via. St. Tropez

After the torrential rainstorm that just passed over London, I cannot wait to see some sunshine.

Fortunately that won't be long now as next week I'll be heading for the Philippines. Excited at this point would seem like an understatement.

So of course my thoughts have turned to what to wear, what toiletries to bring etc.

As I make my virtual shopping list of 'essentials' that I must have for this trip, a couple of items that are screaming "TAKE ME" are these Wildfox Couture tees from ASOS...

Wildfox St Tropez T Dress
Wildfox Jet Set Inside Out Tee
Obviously I neeeeed these tees. If I don't have them, how will my fellow travellers know that I'm part of the jet-set? It's all very self-explanatory.
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30 Nov 2011

Champagne Pow Pow

This weekend my friend is leaving us and heading to the hills (well technically The Alps) to embark on an adventure as a chalet host for a ski season. An avid skier and all round outdoorsy person, I can't actually believe she hasn't done this sooner.

Usually I do get a bit jealous when anyone I know heads away on holiday, except for ski-type holidays as I'm just not into them. The potential for bones getting broken is too high. I do however love the thought of the apres-ski - roaring fires, hot chocolate, alcohol and food - or so I've been led to believe.

However the launch of Ashish's ski range for Topshop puts a tick in the pro-skiing box. I love a pun, so these oversize sweatshirts and hoodies emblazoned with a play on ski words suits me down to the ground. I'm also partial to a little bit of leopard print, so another plus.

View the full collection online at

Also for those of you wondering what 'Champagne Pow Pow' is, apparently it is "Very dry snow, which is often so light it can't be made into a snowball". Who knew eh?

*all images via
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2 Mar 2011

Final Destination

Photos from: Lazy Oaf
Want it, need it, already packed it.
I haven't really, but I do really want this 'Destination' tee from Lazy Oaf.  I mean with this tee, who needs a stamp in their passport right?
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10 May 2010

Vacation Issue

Oooh, my email newsletter from Net-A-Porter arrived into my inbox today... and lo-and-behold it was all about what to wear on holiday, so obviously I had to click through.

It took me straight to the the current edition of the Net-A-Porter online mag - The Vacation Issue

WARNING! Reading the Vacation Issue will leave you with a serious holiday craving. 
Showcasing outfits that'll be sure get your upgraded; from designers such as Alice Temperley, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Matthew Williamson, as well as a whistle-stop tour of swimwear through the years - it's  definitely worth a read.

After that you can shop all the looks they feature, or just go straight to their Vacation Boutique.
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