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10 Apr 2017


A couple of weeks ago I got to visit two new places in Japan (one of my favourite countries) - Kyoto and Osaka.
We weren't in either city for very long, but I  tried to see as much as I could in the time that I had, so let me tell you about the places I saw in Kyoto...
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10 Aug 2015

What camera do you use?

A photo of my Sony camera taken with my iPhone
Let me preface this post by saying - this is not sponsored. 

The title of this post is something I have been asked in the comments of my Instagram, and for the most part, my answer is - iPhone. The vast majority of my photos on Instagram have been taken by some iteration of iPhone, currently an iPhone 6.

However, lately the odd camera shot has been making more of an appearance on my feed. I know some people think this is taboo and Instagram should just be pics taken with the camera on your phone, but I wanted to share what I've been using, so:

If I'm not taking photos with iPhone 6, I use a Sony RX100 M3. That's it, just those two. Question answered.

In case you are interested in a rundown of my history with cameras, keep reading...
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15 Jul 2015

Weekend Wanderings: Sunrise to Sunset

Weekend Wanderings: Sunrise to Sunset by Hello Jesso
Before sunrise
Welcome to another installment of Weekend Wanderings. 

The last weekend wander was spent trying to hide from the heat of the sun in caves of Cape D'Aguilar. This weekend wander was purposefully spent chasing the sun. 

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23 Jul 2014

It's A Family Affair: Meet My Insta-Family

Meet my family on Instagram by Jess on
L-R: Top: @edwardkb || @jeromecan Bottom: @reycanlasjr || @keso_k
When I say 'Insta-family' I'm not talking about the people who I've met and become friends with through Instagram, I'm talking about my actual family on Instagram.

You know how the saying goes - "The family that 'grams together stays together." That's how it goes, right?

Ok, so let me introduce you...
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17 May 2014

One Year On...

With all the excitement of moving country and exploring my new city, I kind of forgot to blog. Oops, my bad.

There was a lot to take in and a lot of things happened. So, in order to get to you up to speed, here's a recap. Are you sitting comfortably? Ok, then let's go back in time...

FEB 2013:
Where I went: I moved to Hong Kong. You know that bit already.
Who I flew with: Cathay Pacific
I flew Premium Economy and it was great! A good amount of leg room for my short legs, noise cancelling headphones, and a super clean toilet! What more could I ask for?  
Where I stayed: Our new home. 
Other info: I started a Project 365 on Instagram, taking snaps of the things I saw in my first year of living here. See the pictures at #jess_a_day

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6 Jan 2014

Trip to the Mothership - Instagram Europe HQ

@edwardkb & @jesso at IG Europe HQ on
Photo by: @Instagram
Here's Edward and I looking like we don't know each other on 'that' Instagram sofa. I thought we were going to pretend that we were fighting over the cushion. I was wrong.


Whilst we are home for Christmas, Edward and I popped in to Instagram Europe HQ and met with the lovely Community Manager - Hannah who kindly took this photo of us.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong, I didn't use Instagram a lot. Then it all changed and I got to know and meet other Instagrammers from the Hong Kong community.

Coming back home to London, I was excited to meet IGers (sorry going to have to abbreivate, Instagrammers is such a long word) from the London community.

We ended up having a little instameet and exploring the Tate Modern and Bankside and I got to meet a whole host of talented 'grammers - @missunderground, @danrubin, @tschang @zobolondon @mattpike @ecolephoto @Rich__ @hellopoe @chaiwalla @mrwhisper @evanjamesatwood, and so many more that I can't remember them all to list them.

You can view the photos from the day on Instagram under the hashtag #instameetbankside. Here's the first photo of the day, an #instagrammerdown group shot...

UPDATE: Oh, I also just wanted to mention a couple of other 'grammers I met on a different photowalk - @h_cato and @imaginationdetonation.

You should look up all of the people I mentioned. Not only are they super talented, they were all super nice too. Instagram fwends!
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17 Aug 2013

Say What?!

Instagram suggested users list by

Oh mah gawd! I woke up to the news today that I have been put on Instagram's Suggested User List!
First of all, thanks Instagram, and second of all, whaaaat?

I'm just a little blown away that I have been chosen. It's an honour.

I first joined Instagram in Dec 2010 and was one of those people who posted sporadically and wasn't entirely sure how or why I should use this app. I posted a lot of random photos in the beginning - food, nails, selfies - the usual cliche Instagram shots. It wasn't until this year when I moved to Hong Kong, that this app came into it's own.

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