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23 Oct 2008

America Take Heed: You Gets What You Vote For!

I know considering I am a Londoner born and bred, I should have more interest in the politics of the UK. After all, it is the laws and policies here that will have an affect on my life.

However, I can't help but be more interested in American politics. Mainly because at the moment it is so much more entertaining!

On the one hand you have Barack Obama a man fighting for change, and who has the ignorants of america quaking in their boots, just because his middle name is Hussein.

But then you have the stars of the show...

Verb hating Sarah Palin - VP contender, and of course...Grandpa Werthers John McCain.

I don't have to explain why he is such a dubious choice for President do I? No, I'll let him show you himself...


This guy is seriously asking you to entrust him to lead the country and shape the future of America? Hmmmmm.

Anyway... After seeing that I didn't think I could cringe anymore, until I saw this: Kerry Katona slurring her words on This Morning! this morning.

Seeesh give the girl a break. Obv she was sober. She just said she had some medication last night to help her sleep, what's wrong with that? If by last night she meant just before I came on air, and if by medication she meant crystal meth washed down with a bottle of champers.

You have one person on the brink of being president of a country and the other labelled an addict just because she couldn't get through some public speaking.. just doesn't seem fair.
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