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17 Feb 2013

We Are Now Closed: Left & Write

It was fun, but the time has come to close my online stationery store - Left & Write.

I won't be updating the Left & Write blog anymore, but I'll leave it up for now in case you want to see any of the old blog posts and read through the archives.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Who knows, I may be back with another creative project. I'll document any future arts and crafts adventures here... so stick around.

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3 Apr 2012

On This Day...

See what I made on this day...
Read about it on - Left & Write

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22 Mar 2012

Help! Addicted to Draw Something

Drawing is not my forte. I wish it was, but it's not.
Despite this lack of drawing talent, I have become addicted to the game - Draw Something.

Hands up you're addicted too.
Read more about my illustration attempts on my other blog  - Left & Write.

I'll leave you with some of my Draw Something efforts. Don't laugh...

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22 Oct 2011


Exciting news! Someone pinch me!

Some of my cards are now on sale in a real shop. A real life bricks and mortar shop. As in I made them and supplied them to a real life shop.

Read more about my excitement (if it hasn't quiet come across here) and find out which shop you can buy my cards from on my stationery related blog - Left & Write.

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8 Feb 2010

Love & Stuff

Love is in the air... and there are some new Valentine's themed cards in the Left & Write store. 
Find out more about them - here.

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23 Nov 2009

Christmas is a coming!

Santa says relax. Sounds like good advice to us.
See what's in store for Christmas over on my other blog - Left & Write.
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2 Nov 2009

Baby Talk

I couldn't find a 'New Baby' card in the stores that I liked, so I did the most logical thing I could think of - I made my own.

Read all about it on my other blog - Left & Write
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29 Jul 2009

Where has all the time gone?

Been a bit post-o-rexic over here of late, mainly because I've been working on my side project Left & Write.

I've managed to give it a little makeover - something that this blog desperately needs - I mean I'm still using one of the original patterned templates for goodness sakes!

So if you need something to read and can't find anything new on here - just head on over there.

I'm toying with the idea of giving up this blog *gasp* and just maintaining one - but we'll see. Can I really just give up my first blog?

Anyhoo... was just checking in.

Over and out.
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22 Jul 2009

My first craft stall!

I had my first fully fledged experience as a handmade crafter who sells things last weekend. Read all about it on my other stationery related blog - Left & Write.
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23 Nov 2008

Left & Write Now on FACEBOOK!

Look at me getting all fancy and whatnot.

I've set up a Facebook page for Left & Write. Feel free to pop on over and give it a 'Like'.
I know you spend a lot of time on Facebook. Don't try and deny it - everyone does.
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13 Oct 2008

Open For Business

It's up and running now. Finally.
After signing up way back in March, I've finally managed to put some items in it for sale.

It's only two items, so the store still looks kinda bare, but don't worry I am on the case!

Pop back to My Etsy every now and again to see what's new.

See you then!
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