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14 Aug 2009

Cola Shock - Another reason to visit Japan

Dear Mr or Mrs Kirin, please could we have this genius idea of vodka and cola in a can made available in the UK?

Thanks very much.

Yes you read right - vodka and cola in a can! So simple, why hasn't it been thought of before?

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6 Feb 2009

My Feet Are Sad

Because I miss tap dance.

Don't get me wrong, I was no Gregory Hines, but it was fun.

I miss tap tap tapping in my tap shoes; which are not dissimilar to the picture. Cool right?
Anyway... until I can get back to tap. I'll just have to make do with the watching the professionals.


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26 Jan 2009

Pass The Ice Please...

Note to all restaurants and other food establishments : Room temperature coke is unacceptable!
How am I meant to get that 'Ahhhh' moment with warm coke?

Please put it in the fridge beforehand so that it is suitably chilled, or at least give me a glass filled with ice, not one lonely lame looking ice cube that does nothing.

Take heed.
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5 Jan 2009

Christmas is Officially Over!

Boo hoo... I think this picture says it all.
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12 Dec 2008

Christmas Has Come To Town

More accurately and specifically Christmas has come to my desk at work. I'm drunk on festive spirit and have festooned my computer screen with some USB fairy lights. Now I also want the USB flashing Christmas tree. It may seem a bit much, but I love it!

Now what goes with all of this Christmas cheer? Christmas music of course!

On a totally unrelated note, as I was snapping away at my fairy lights, my friend decided it would be a good idea to take a pic of my lovely Luella Bow - she was right! Look you can even see my fairy lights on computer screen.

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26 Nov 2008


Aaaa-chhhooo! The germs have finally got me. All I can say is thank goodness for the interweb and laptops. Now pass the Vicks vapour rub please.
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9 Nov 2008

Pass The Dunce Hat Please

This photo by Arthur Tress pretty much sums up how I felt yesterday.

Two of my friends got married and normally my problem is that I'll forget to charge the camera, and after two pictures my photo taking fun will be over.

So, this time I thought I'd be prepared and make sure that the battery was fully charged, and I did. Yey me!

Only problem was when we got to the registry office, I found I had forgotten to put the memory card in!

So pass the dunce hat please...
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29 Oct 2008

I Want To Write Good Thoughts On A Card To My Beloved

Ahhh... I haven't gone all mushy on you. The title of this post is what someone actually typed into google and by some random algorithm - ended up at my blog.

I feel kinda bad, as I don't think my blog had anything that would have helped them. Oh well.
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23 Oct 2008

America Take Heed: You Gets What You Vote For!

I know considering I am a Londoner born and bred, I should have more interest in the politics of the UK. After all, it is the laws and policies here that will have an affect on my life.

However, I can't help but be more interested in American politics. Mainly because at the moment it is so much more entertaining!

On the one hand you have Barack Obama a man fighting for change, and who has the ignorants of america quaking in their boots, just because his middle name is Hussein.

But then you have the stars of the show...

Verb hating Sarah Palin - VP contender, and of course...Grandpa Werthers John McCain.

I don't have to explain why he is such a dubious choice for President do I? No, I'll let him show you himself...


This guy is seriously asking you to entrust him to lead the country and shape the future of America? Hmmmmm.

Anyway... After seeing that I didn't think I could cringe anymore, until I saw this: Kerry Katona slurring her words on This Morning! this morning.

Seeesh give the girl a break. Obv she was sober. She just said she had some medication last night to help her sleep, what's wrong with that? If by last night she meant just before I came on air, and if by medication she meant crystal meth washed down with a bottle of champers.

You have one person on the brink of being president of a country and the other labelled an addict just because she couldn't get through some public speaking.. just doesn't seem fair.
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18 Oct 2008

Back To The Future

Hello? Who's calling?

Errr... 1970 according to my iPhone!

Obviously they tried to call me, but I missed the call and so they left me a voicemail.

Maybe it was the Doc and Marty McFly.
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12 Sep 2008

Wonder By Name...

Last night I had the privilege of going to watch Stevie Wonder perfom live at the O2. I must say I felt slightly overwhelmed at the fact that I was there watching Stevie Wonder live, and felt a tear come to my eye as he sang all the classic Stevie songs that I love.

He got the crowd up and participating:
Guys: Turn it up
Girls:Yeah yeah
Guys:Turn it up
Girls: Yeah yeah
Guys:T-t-t-t-t-t-urn it up!

No?... I guess you had to be there.

He also seemed to have a bit of a thing for Barack Obama! I kid you not. He kept randomly inserting Barack's name into the lyrics of his songs. For example:
"I just called to say, Barack Obama for pressidennttttt.... I just called to say Vote Baraaaaaack-ooooo oo oo"
Ok, so maybe that's not exactly what he did, but you get the idea.

It's nice to see Mr. Wonder believing so much in the US presidential candidate, but seriously, what difference does it make to us? We can't vote. Did no one tell Stevie this?

Anyway, I guess we all know who Stevie is going to vote for.

Either way it was fun night, and I even got to take the Thames Clipper boat all the way back to Waterloo and see the sights of London by night. Nice.
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26 Aug 2008

Yoo Hoo!

Whoa that last post was done a loooong time ago, but I am back after a brief hiatus and the small matter of getting married and going on honeymoon.

However, I will now try and be more diligent with my posting and giving you my insights into the world as I see it. Brace yourselves it might be a weird one, or boring one... we'll see.

Ta ta for now.

Wedding photos by GWL Photography

Honeymoon photos by My Husband (aahhhhh)
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16 Jan 2008

Bursting With Pride

WARNING: This post contains some soppy content and may not be advisable to those of a cynical nature. Readers discretion is advised.

Excuse the gushing post that is about to follow.

This is my Mr and he has been described as the Telly God.
I of course agree. He's always pointing out new shows that he'll know I'll like and introducing me to new forms of funny, that I otherwise would have given a wide berth. So I am super happy for him that his talent has been picked up on.

Interviewed by 4Talent to pick his brains about TV and how he got into the industry; it makes an interesting read (and I'm not just saying that!)

Click HERE to read the full article.

If you want to read more, visit his witty and incisive blog: Me & The TV
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11 Jan 2008


Hi, my name is J and I am a scrabble-o-holic.

Yes, I ♥ Scrabble. Not a day goes by without me playing a game.

When I was younger my family would often pit me and my cousin against each other in a bid to see who was smarter. As a result this put me off the wordy game and I didn't play for years.

However, a few years back and over a board of travel Scrabble my love for it was rekindled.
We would play every lunch and try and rack up as many points as we could.

Then one Christmas I got the ultimate Deluxe Scrabble board. Sweet.
Now I also have Scrabble for my DS lite and am addicted to the Scrabulous application on Facebook with currently 8 games on the go.

Just before Christmas I saw the Scrabble sets to beat all Scrabble sets... SUPER SCRABBLE !! Be still my beating heart.

Not only do you get more tiles, so that you can make more words, a giant sized board, but also earn quadruple word score! Think of what you could do if you landed on that square with a Q, J, or Z.

Anyhoo.. must dash. It's my turn to move.
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4 Jan 2008

Another Christmas Over & The Start Of Another Year.

So that's it, 2007 is over and we are 4 days in to 2008. How's it going for you loyal reader? Anyone?

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to last year? Have you made a plan of action for this year?

It's early days yet and most of us are still tucking in our Christmas tums as we make the yearly pledge to get fit and get rid of it, along with the Christmas tum from 2006 which has taken up permanent residence on your thighs.

This year is the year I have decided that things are going to happen, and I am going to find my fortune. Pretty positive way to start the year don't you think?
Well that's the plan. Check back in a month to see if any progress will have been made...eeek.

I'll be getting married this year which is pretty big, but there are also a few smaller steps I'll be making like giving up Coke (the drink, not the drug)as well as making a bigger effort to save my pennies; afterall weddings cost!

I may even update this blog more frequently... maybe (she says sheepishly)

This is a belated Happy New Year and to wish you all luck and good fortune in 2008!
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2 Sep 2007

Hello? Is anyone still out there?


Whoa it's been a while since I last posted.

Probably no one out there reading this anymore (not that there were many readers before). You are probably all on Facebook poking each other. *POKE*

Just thought I'd dust off the keyboard and see what was going on in the blogosphere. Do people still call it that? Or have I been out of the loop so long it has acquired a new fangled name like Blogolaserterraverse.

Anyhoo... who knows when I will have something to write about again...

Till then. Over & Out.
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14 Apr 2007

Primark Oxford Street: I Went, I Saw, I was Scared!

I'm no fool. I didn't go to Primark Oxford Street on opening day. I was at work, unlike all the people who were at the opening. Plus, you just knew it would be madness, and only the insane or those with a death wish would dare to go.

I mean, would you want to be in amongst these crazies - hopped up on sugar and the excitement of finding a bargain?

Not me, no sireee Bob!

So, I left it and thought I'd visit at a later date and see what all the fuss was about. Would this Primark be better than Hammersmith?

I finally went last Tuesday and it was still insane. There were no queues, I was able to walk straight in. Getting out on the other hand was a different story. Due to all people (mainly giddy girls) the store was still heaving, and the line for the tills wrapped around the store a few times. I can only assume these people were in no rush, as they wouldn't be going anywhere in a hurry.

I couldn't be bothered to look, not that I could see anything due to all the people and the moment I had gone in I regretted my decision and just wanted to get out again - but how? I could see no way out. As I walked I was being pulled further into the store and the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street was fading in the distance.

Ok, don't panic... stay calm.

I saw the street and people walking, I headed in that direction- to freedom. Exit denied! It was a window! Teasing me with the outside world. Damn you see through glass!
After much searching I found an exit, at one point I thought I was going to have to tunnel my way out.

Anyway, I won't be going back there in a hurry. I may need therapy just to get over the experience. If I do need to go to Primark, I'll probably just stick to the Hammersmith branch. After the madness of Oxford Street, Hammersmith will seem like an oasis of calm in comparison.

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Pigeon Street

I don't hate many things, but I do HATE pigeons. Rats of the sky, winged vermin, spawn of the devil, whatever you want to call them - the point is I hate them!

Phew! I think I have made myself clear on that point now.

Anyhooo... around Victoria Station, there are a fair few pigeons who hang around waiting for the demented grannies and grandads to come along and put out some stale bread for them. When they do, it is a disgusting sight. All these greasy, one legged pigeons all jumping on each other to get a bit of crusty loaf. Urrrrgh!

So, when I have to go through Victoria Station, its like running the gauntlet, trying to avoid the critters as well as hoping you don't get poo bombed. The gits.

Why am I banging on about pigeons? Well, it would seem these beady eyed skanks are smarter than they look. Obviously, Victoria Station is very busy, especially Monday-Friday with all the workers commuting in and out of the city. So the pigeons hang about, waiting to swoop on the left overs and dropped bits of food.

However, come the weekend... where are the pigeons? No where to be seen. Not even perched on the top of the underground exit. Do they really know what day it is? What really creeped me out was when there were no pigeons on Bank Holiday Monday! Seriously, do they know it's a bank holiday? Do they have the day off too? What the hell ?!?

For those of you who detest pigeons as much as I do, you may find the following video amusing. If however, you love animals blah blah blah, you may find it offensive. Way to go Pelican!!

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12 Mar 2007

Snow Globe Down

Ok, this crying face may be a slight exaggeration to how I was feeling when one my snow globes met an untimely end, but I was very sad.

Just in case you didn't know, I collect snow globes. Yes they are tacky objects, but I don't care. I think they are pretty. I try and get one from every country I visit, or people who know me get me one from wherever they have travelled. Very nice people. Now I'm not talking the plastic variety, where the water inside evaporates and leaves you with nothing more than a plastic bubble. I collect the glass ones. I don't have a room full yet, but it is a collection in progress.

Anyhoo, the whole point of this post was that the other day whilst I was getting a book, I accidentally knocked my 'Sweden' one off the shelf. The glass dome shattered and left a sprinkling a glass and glitter bits on my floor.

That's all. One less snow globe. Thanks for letting me share my loss.
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5 Mar 2007

Get Yer Skates On!

On Friday my friends and I made our way down to Canvas in Kings Cross for a night of fun and laughter. We went Roller Disco! A few of my friends made the effort to dress the part, leg warmers, head bands and shiny leggings. - they looked great. I personally think we should have gone in matching outfits like the serious roller dancing troupe that we are (yeah right).

Some of us could skate already, and some were novices like myself. Some of us took to it like a duck to water, others (mainly me) were scared of falling. Falling on your coccyx hurts you know. So I could only manage to 'skate' (used in the loosest sense of the word) if helped. At least I can say, I didn't fall over at all.

There were some idiots there who thought it was funny to try and push each other over, without a thought for other skaters. Idiots. Then there were some professional skaters there who were dancing and strutting their stuff on wheels. Show offs (I'm just jealous).

As the night wore on, the place slowly emptied.As a result I felt a bit braver and started to skate unaided, albeit in a tiny circle. All in all a good time was had by all and I would probably do it again, face your fear and all.

Ali Eddie won for best costume.

-We had to wait in the rain for ages, and my coat ended up smelling like wet dog. Nice. However, I suppose this was our own fault as we weren't smart enough to book tickets online in advance.
-At the end of the night, the little booth where you go to return your skates and collect your shoes, smelt like cheesy feet. Urrrghh. How the people who work there can stand it, I don't know.
-Going to the toilet in your skates. Tricky.

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