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5 Jan 2010

J'adore the Jersey Shore

Forget the fact that celeb BB has started on TV.

The real stars of Car Crash 'reality' TV are those kids on the Jersey Shore

If you haven't seen it you must search it out and watch it - just to see the spray tans, the hair, the fights, oh and did I mention the hair?!

It seems like everyone is loving the J.Shore - with Fred Flare pointing me in the direction of this make over shot...

What happened to the gel and fake tan? I feel cheated.

The best Jersery Shore make over though has to be Michael Cera getting his very own guido hairstyle, styled by none other than DJ Pauly D who posted the pics on his facebook fan page (Is it wrong that I kind of want to become a fan?)

If that weren't enough to make you come over to the j.side (see what I did there?) I'll leave you with a short clip of the j.shore peeps 'beating up the beat' - read: dancing.

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5 Nov 2009

What Happens When Goats Get Scared

I forgot how funny this was.

I've wasted a lot of time laughing at this.

Off to wipe away my tears of laughter.
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14 May 2009

Lunch with the gang - Luella, Marc and Jade

Lunch was good today. Went with Jade and met with Luella and Marc - you know how it is.

First stop Luella...

Had to stop myself from getting more bow headbands to add to my collection. This was very difficult as they now come in lilac, purple, bright pink and orange - lovely.

There were also a couple of dresses that caught my eye, but due to the failure of winning last weeks Euro Millions; these dresses were slightly a lot out of my price range.

On another Luella note though, her website has finally been re-done to show the correct seasons collection - it's about time! It's a bit weird to use, but I'll persevere to be able to look at nice things.

Anyway I digress... after a short walk we went to visit the new Marc By Marc Jacobs store. Only one world to describe it - overwhelming - but in a good way. Obviously there was lots of stuff I wanted, but I settled on...
USA Tote - Borderline tacky it's amazing! I love it.

All in all, an amazing lunch. Tomorrow lunch time has a lot to live up to.
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4 Apr 2009

Fancy feet!

Today I took my Liberty print Blazers out for the first time. I love them!

That is why I am taking a pic of them to share, and also so I can have an excuse to blog from my iPhone.

I kind of wish I pooped money, that or won the lottery, so that I could have gotten the blue ones too.

Oh well ney mind, can't have it all.

-- Posted whilst out and about.
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6 Feb 2009

My Feet Are Sad

Because I miss tap dance.

Don't get me wrong, I was no Gregory Hines, but it was fun.

I miss tap tap tapping in my tap shoes; which are not dissimilar to the picture. Cool right?
Anyway... until I can get back to tap. I'll just have to make do with the watching the professionals.


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7 Dec 2008

Therapy Now Needed

This may be one of the most disturbing pictures I have ever seen.

Image From: Woordenaar

Innocently browsing through my google reader at the posts from Digital Photography School, I came across their Fun lego photo post. Arrrrrgggh! May I just say the pic above is not fun, it is traumatising!
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18 Nov 2008

Thank You For The Music...

Working for Urban Outfitters certainly has it perks. But when I look at the US U.O website I always find stuff that I wish we had here.

Currently at the top of my 'U.O I want... list is:

Library AV Retro Turntable

Plays vinyl and you can hook it up to your mac (and PC - yuck!)

iPod Boom Box

Not much more I can say other than - OMG! I want. Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo
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18 Oct 2008

Back To The Future

Hello? Who's calling?

Errr... 1970 according to my iPhone!

Obviously they tried to call me, but I missed the call and so they left me a voicemail.

Maybe it was the Doc and Marty McFly.
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26 Aug 2008

Bargain Basement

I was baffled when I saw this little gem on the interwebnet - a competition to win a £3000 shopping spree at (drum roll)... Primark!

I kid you not. Have a look for yourselves! Primark competition

To me £3000 is a huge amount of money to win and spend. However, could you really find £3000 worth of stuff in Primark?

Surely for £3000 you could buy the whole shop!

Anyway, if anyone does enter - good luck. Let me know what you end up picking up with your £3000 Primark voucher.

Happy Shopping!
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