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11 May 2010

Towel Dry

To be honest, I've only ever owned one beach towel which I bought on a trip to Sardinia a couple of years ago. It's nothing special, in fact it looks like some crazy '80s graphic - pink with lots of primary colour squiggles. Who knows why I chose that one.

Anyway, I think it might be time for an upgrade in the beach towel stakes to one of these Special Items from Marc Jacobs.

These flag towels have the country flag on one side and then a city on the other side with the addresses of where the Marc Jacobs stores are. Handy. In effect these towels are a nice bit of advertising for Mr Jacobs, but hey, they look nice - plus they are only $19 on the website, which means they can't be that much more in the London store. Bonus.
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26 Dec 2009

Head Gear

This may not protect my brain should I be in some sort of automobile accident, but this is the head gear I want to be wearing.

After my mini obsession with Luella headbands, I've now moved on to this velvet Marc By Marc Jacobs number which is currently on sale at good ol' Net-A-Porter.

I just found an old Euro Millions ticket in my drawer - maybe I've won!
I don't even need the jackpot (although that would be nice) - I just would like £63 for this headband.
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