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12 Mar 2007

American Idol 6: FINAL 12

This week saw the Top 16 whittled down to the FINAL 12, and it was another week of poor performances from the boys. The girls are just wiping the floor with them.

Each contestant came out and did their thing, boys on Tuesday and the girls on Wednesday, and then America voted.
Eeeeek.. who would still be in with a shot at being the 'Next American Idol' and whose journey would be over? We'll find out after the break. Kidding. Did you like my Ryan Seacrest impression?

So here are a couple of things I picked up on...

What is the deal with Sanjaya's eyebrows? Did someone use permanent marker to draw them on? Or maybe someone got carried away with this eye brow stamp kit. Don't even get me started on the straightened hair or the Hawaiian hula !! Yes folks that is what Sanjaya's secret was, he can hula. Maybe it's something he should have kept to himself.

Anyhoo, back to the performances.
As I mentioned the girls were great, weakest ones for me were Hayley and of course Antonella. In all fairness though, this week was probably Antonella's best perfomance so far. However, these are the two I felt deserved to be booted off. So imagine my shock when Hayley was voted in to the Top 12 (huh?) and Sabrina Sloan was voted off instead, along with Antonella.

As for the boys... Jared Cotter and Sundance Head (yes that really is his name) were voted off. They both took it rather well, even though I don't think they should have gone at this stage. My picks for ousting would have been Phil Stacey and Sanjaya.

America what were you thinking?? You understand the point of the show right? Vote off the weakest/worst singers, NOT keep them in.

Special mention also goes to Ryan Seacrest for possibly doing the worst announcements of who was in and who was out. Ryan, you have been doing this for SIX seasons now, learn to build up some suspense, rather than the haphazard style you seem to have adopted. Nobody gets it.

I'll leave you with my highlights of this week: Enjoy!

Lakisha Jones

Melinda Doolittle

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5 Mar 2007

Americal Idol: Top 20 become the Top 16

As I went Roller Disco, I missed American Idol. Ney mind, as I was able to see it via the power of repeats and downloads. Yey for technology.

So after strong performances from Lakisha and Jordin last week, I expected everyone to up their game this week. Did they?

After watching the shows, the boys again failed to wow me, and I am struggling to remember their names as they are all so forgettable. Except SANJAYA!! Who complete with Michael Jackson inspired wardrobe and small whispery voice, is memorable for all the wrong reasons. Who the hell voted to keep him in? What are you thinking!!

The girls however, all tried to step it up.
Laskisha, amazing voice, but preferred last weeks performance and outfit.
Jordin Sparks - again amazing voice, but preferred last weeks performance.

The girls that stood out for me this week were:

Melinda Doolittle, big voice for such a small person. It's so sweet that she has to have all her outfits planned.

Stephanie Edwards, blew everyone away this week with her voice.

Once again Antonella Barba was spared. She may be a good looking girl, but compared to the others, her voice just does not cut it. America are you not listening??

Leslie Hunt was voted off and I must say was the most entertaining with her ad-libbed final song (forward to 2:50 and watch from there)

Can't wait till next week.

Can I also just say that Cat Deeley's links are annoying. The US should give thanks they don't have to see them.

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26 Feb 2007

American Idol Own Me

I love it! I watched Season 1 and then didn't watch seasons 2 or 3. Don't ask me why, I just didn't. I got back into it Season 4, just in time for the final. From then on American Idol have had my undivided attention. Vote Like Yamin It!!

For those of you uninitiated into the ways of the American Idol. It airs in the US on Tue (boys sing), Wed (girls sing) and Thu (results show). We in the UK then get to see all of them on Friday. That means from 8:30pm on a Friday night ITV2 own my eyeballs.

Now from what I have seen so far, the girls are better than the boys. Ryan Seacrest is getting trampier by the show and Paula Abdul has yet to say anything constructive, and Simon is Simon.

Last week saw the first people to be elimanted from the show, slowly whittling away at the 24.

However, the few that stood out for me were:

Jordin Sparks - so young but big big voice.

Lakisha Jones - Woah! Hold on to your hats...

Jared Cotter - I may be influenced by the song, as I love this Brian McKnight song. The ending was not so great, but still one to watch out of the boys.

These may change during the course of the show, but for now what do you think?

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27 Jan 2007

Mind Over Matter

I see this book cover every day, and every day I shake my head at the thought that this photo was approved, and then I laugh. Ha ha ha!
I think the look he was going for was an 'intense stare' as if probing the deepest part of your mind. Instead, he just looks like he is straining to push out a big poo!
Is it a case of mind of matter Derren? Faecal matter?

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21 Nov 2006

Why Does He Do It?

Do what you may ask?... All the running. Where is he going in such a hurry?
Oops, let me back track. I am talking about Tom Cruise.
Have you ever noticed that in each of his films he has a scene devoted to his running? Jerry Maguire, The Firm, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, the Mission Impossibles... just to name a few.

What is he trying to prove? (Mr. Cruise if you happen to stumble across this, I would love to hear your side) Do you think it is written into his contract? You know how some actors/actresses have a no nudity clause, maybe he has a running clause. I don't know, just a thought. Maybe he is trying to make up for his short stature and letting us all know that he may not be tall but he can run real fast, so don't you mess with the Cruise.

Anyhoo, that was just my observation and one that has also been explored by Unreel who has video editing skills that I do not possess.

If you have any theories to this running phenomenon, please feel free to share.

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12 Nov 2006

Why is Leona on the X-Factor?

My favourite part of any reality talent contest a la X-Factor, are the auditions. However, I normally get sucked in and keep on watching when it turns into a competition..Damn you TV!

I must admit though I normally prefer the cheesefest that is US American Idol, to our UK offerings. I always think that the standard of talent on offer always seems a little better stateside (Is it bad of me to say that?) This years X-Factor on the other hand has changed my opinion.

With a plethora of talented singers (except for the MacDonald Brothers... I'm sorry to anyone who likes them, but when I look at them I just think of Hobbits) battling it out for a shot at the big time, the standard has been raised.

At the moment I am enjoying hearing Leona Lewis sing and hope she goes on to be the first female winner of X-Factor (even though she does do that whole annoying convulsive chin thing). Why is Leona on the X-Factor? I don't understand how she was not discovered before this, the girl can friggin' sing!!

Due to her exposure on the X-Factor, Leona's talent is fast being recognised that even celebrity aficionado Perez Hilton has been singing (no pun intended) her praises.

After Nikitta was voted off last night by her own mentor, Simon Cowell, that leaves Leona as the only girl in the competition. If by some freak incident, she does not win I'm sure she will still come out on top with record labels fighting to sign her. If she does win, I'm sure she'll do better than previous winners Steve Brookstein & Shayne Ward.
Her Mum on the other hand is not so confident in her daughter's chances of winning. Not because she thinks her daughter lacks talent, but because...oh i'll let you read the article.

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Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Even though Amy Winehouse looks like the rebellious daughter of Dorien Green (from the BBC sitcom Birds of a Feather... come on you remember. No?... Google it then)

Anyhoo... where was I, oh yeah... Her latest offering Back to Black is a 'Must buy'. It is a confection of 50's and 60's inspired melodies which suit her distinctive voice perfectly.

I am listening to it as I write and I can't see how anyone could not like this, but each to their own. It is a worthy follow up to her album Frank and for someone who is only 22 years of age, Back to Black is a testament to her talent.

To look at, I'm not such a big fan of hers. Usually just the sight of her grates on my nerves, don't ask me why, she just does. Anyone see her (drunken?) performance of 'Beat It' with Charlotte Church? (way to kill a classic girls).

However, inspite of this you just can't deny a good album when you hear it.

Now what are you waiting for?.. Go out and get it!!

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11 Nov 2006

Mr J.T - What'cha got for me?

....Well we will find out on July 4th 2007.

Justin's FutureSex/LoveShow hits London town. For those who have got your tickets, I'll see you there.
Must dash... I only have 7 months to familiarise myself with the album.

Thanks Brader Boy Lacdao!!

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For of those of you who know me, know, that I like (maybe a slight understatement) TV. Not any ol' tv though, i'm very picky about programmes that get my viewing. I have my personal one man acquisition..ummm band (It's the only thing I could think of that rhymed)... thank you Ruvjet.

So I have been getting sneak peaks of LOST season 3 and mouth is on the floor. They are all saved and escape the island !!! Kidding. Don't worry I will not be giving away any spoilers so it is safe to read on.

Three seasons on and it is still gripping stuff. The only problem is LOST in the US is now going on a break and won't be back until February! February, but I need to know what happens now. It's tough enough waiting on a week to week basis but 3 months...I'm going to have to take up cross stitching or something to distract me and keep me busy whilst I wait it out.

Thank goodness I have some other shows to watch. I'll let you in on them another time.

Roll on February.

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10 Nov 2006

Albert / Adrian ... Separated at Birth

I have fallen into the trap of watching 'Make Me a Supermodel' on Channel 5 and the end is nigh.

For those of you haven't been following click on the link above to see who has been rejected and whose is still battling it out.
Tomorrow night is the live catwalk where four wannabe super(not yet they're not)models will have a walk off for the last two places in the grand finale.

Guaranteed to be in the final, we have mumbly Marianne. Who the hell knows what this girl is saying? It has nothing to do with English not being her first language, she just mumbles all her words and I know I am not the only one who thinks this as the producers of the show have started subtitling her. The other guaranteed spot has gone to Albert, a slow starter but now getting into the swing of things... It's all in the eyes.

Anyway, my point is don't you think that Albert resembles Adrian Grenier from Entourage?- a top class show.
Well I do. Here are some pics for you to decide.

Or maybe these will help... Adrian or Albert, which one is which?

Is it the eyes or the mop top hair?.... Either way, they are both eye candy. Enjoy!

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7 Nov 2006

Borat is not Funny (pause) ....Not!

The other night I went to see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan and I laughed till my stomach hurt and my mouth was dry. The cinema was packed and everybody laughed. Just remembering certain moments of the film are still making me chuckle now. This is a film I would go and see at the cinema again and pre-order on DVD now if I could, that's how much I enjoyed it.

A few weeks ago on the The Wright Stuff (Channel 5) they were debating the issue 'Was Borat/Sacha Baron-Cohen Racist?' and comparing him to Bernand Manning. Playing Devils Advocate, Matthew Wright put forward the point - why is it if Borat refers to someone as "chocolate face' it is funny, but if Bernard Manning was to say it there would be uproar.

At this point Matthew Wright pointed out that he personally knows Bernard Manning and could categorically state that he did not have a racist bone is his body - So?! What did that have to do with anything? Just because Matthew Wright says Bernard Manning is not racist then it must be true. Someone could have stood up and said, "Well I know Sacha and he does not have a racist bone is his body either' -end of debate. I have never heard or seen any of Bernard Manning's act and so cannot comment on whether I think it is racist or not. The only Bernard I am familiar with is Bernard Matthews - The Turkey Drummer Man.

Now the following is just MY personal opinion on the matter, so people don't get your knickers in a twist.

1) I do not find Borat or Sacha Baron Cohen racist; in fact I think Sacha Baron-Cohen is a comedy legend. There aren't that many comedians or entertainers that would put themselves in the positions and situations that he does.
Yes, in the film he uses the term 'chocolate face' but he also uses the term 'vanilla face'. Is that not him being fair and equal? Yes some people may find this offensive, but only judge if you have seen the film.

2) Borat was not created to educate people on political correctness or how to be racially aware and if people are taking their lead from a fictional character, then they need help. The film is funny to me primarily because:
- Borat is a fish out of water and we see the situations he gets himself into.
- Secondly, we are introduced to people from supposedly developed countries such as the 'U.S & A' who out themselves by displaying their backward racist and bigoted mentalities. (This is also a disturbing realisation that people like this still exist)
All of the racial and homophobic comments come from the people Borat encounters, not Borat. What is funny is the way he gets them to show their true colours.

3) Lets not lose sight of the fact that Borat is a fictional character! (and referring back to Matthew Wright -this could explain why people might find it funnier and easier to accept what Borat says, whereas Bernard Manning is a real person and his act could be based on his own real racial prejudices) He was created for the purpose of entertainment, in which I think he succeeds. I think most people who will go and see the film will be aware of Borat and will know what kind of humour to expect. If you don't find him funny, change the channel or don't go and watch the film.

The film is not all about race, but cultural differences or lack thereof. However the most important thing is (in my opinion) that the film is FUNNY with a capital 'E'!!


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29 Oct 2006

I'm Scared

With it being so close to Halloween and all, I think this is the scariest thing I have seen. Tyra Banks is nuts-o!

Not only is she braving TV without her usual trowel load of make up, where normally her face has been contoured to within an inch of its life. She is jumping, shouting and writhing around on the floor like a loon. I also think she may still be dressed in her PJ's. Did she forget she had a show to host?

Let me set the scene.... Tyra has her own talk show (I think she fancies herself as a bit of an Oprah Winfrey) and in this particular show she is about to tell everyone her beauty secret. Oprah is famed for being uber generous to her audience and nearly every episode she gives something away. Her most memorable give away is when, each of the audience members were given a brand new car!! Can you believe it? (How do I get tickets to this show?)

Anyway, I digress... as I said Tyra seems to be following Oprah's example and, ......oh just watch the video and see...

How scared are you now?
Can you believe how excited everyone is getting over the'gift'?

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21 Oct 2006

The Other Finalists

Lets not forget the other finalists...

I found this season's finale to be the most exciting of all the Project Runways. Maybe it was to do with the diverse aesthetics being shown or that there were four finalists. Either way I was on the edge of my seat eager to see the final collections.

I had been a fan of Michael Knight since the start of the show and his coffee filter dress and like most had him pegged as favourite to win. As much as I I enjoyed watching the collection he put out, there was something missing. The outfits were sexy and I loved the vibrant print and colour but it was all to 'in your face'. Where as the pieces he created during the course of the show were sexy, they were not blatant instead they had a refined quality. The sexiness seemed to be coming from the wearer of the outfit as opposed to his final collection where the clothes did all the screaming and appeared to be trying too hard.

Not to take away from his talent, I still think he is a great designer and I think there is more to come from Michael Knight.
Pieces I liked:

Laura Bennett, Project Runway's uber glam mother- not only did her collection surprise me, I actually quite liked it.

In my previous Runway post, I said that Laura's collection was the collection I was least excited about seeing. This was mainly because I figured it would all be a little mature in taste. Yet when her models came out the outfits she produced were not what I expected. They had there usual Laura plunging v's and the impeccable craftmanship and detailing were clear to see, but the collection was far from mature in fact I think the outfits were not restricted to any particular age group.
Out of all the collections, Laura's looked the most expensive and luxurious.

(Question: Where was the red dress she showed Tim Gunn in the Finale Part 1 show?)

I love Uli Herzner's clothes. Even though she may have been criticised by the judges as being too predictable in her designs... I say 'If it ain't broke..." Her use and understanding of print and colour made her clothes stand out and women want to wear them. (I know I sure do)

Uli's collection had so many pieces in it that I would like to own, but I figured I would only put up a few of my favourites. You can look up the others yourself.

If you want to own any of the final collection pieces you can bid for them at Project Runway Auction

So that's it another season over, with a new batch of designers on there way to making their mark in fashion.

Roll on Season 4.

Image credit:

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And the Winner Is....


From being the designer embroiled in 'Sew Gate' and the possibility of not being allowed to even show at Bryant park looming. Jeffrey Sebelia came and stole the title as Winner of Project Runway 3 from under the noses of the other finalists.

With an edgy but totally wearable collection, Jeffrey won the votes of the judges.

Some of my favourite pieces:

(I would wear every single one of these pieces with the exception of the unforgiving leather trousers, as I am significantly *ahem* blessed in the thigh area... boo hoo)

Prior to seeing his final collection, my favourite piece of his from the show, was his Haute Couture dress (right). Throughout the show Jeffrey proved himself to be the most innovative and never compromised his point of view. With each challenge he produced something different and was prepared to move out of his comfort zone and really showcase his talent as a designer.

Least favourite piece (left)
I think this dress had the potential to be pretty, but the awkward walk of the model took something away from the dress.

Already accustomed to dressing celebrities with his label Cosa Nostra, I am sure we will be seeing more of Jeffrey Sebelia.

Image Credit:

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19 Oct 2006

Bo! In the USA

In the words on Mel B 'Still got it'!
Bo Selecta 1 and 2 were works of comedy genius but then it all went a bit pear shaped with Season 3. I thought that was it, Leigh Francis would lay Avid Merrion to rest .

However, like a big ginger phoenix rising from the ashes, Avid and co are back in Bo! In the USA.

There has only been one episode so far, but what a good episode. The old favourites were back Michael Jackson -'Chamone, Muthaf****s', Craaaaaaaig David & Kez, Mel B and The Bear.
I was half hoping that Craig David would no longer be in it to allow the real Craig David to have a career again. But I am so glad he is in it.
There is no sign (yet) of Ozzie, Avid's strange neighbour. Instead his companion in the US is his sister/wife. Yes, Avid has taken the leap into incest.

One of this week's guests was Jenny McCarthy who was such a good sport and played along with The Bear, at one point even getting on her knees to give him head... oooh I say. Shannen Doherty on the other hand looked so confused as if questioning what she had agreed to, she had to try very hard to hold back the laughter.

Avid is back and as celebrity obsessed as ever and la la land is like his holy grail, so putting the two together can only result in some laughter inducing tv.

Next Week: Justin Timberlake.
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15 Oct 2006

Project Runway - Finale Part 1

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Eeeeek exciting.

So last week was the reunion show (a bit weird, I always think this would be better at the end, when the winner has been announced.. But that's just me)

Then there was Finale Part 1 where Tim Gunn (I love him) went to visit everyone back in their respective corners of the US and check on their progress.

I love it! The sneak peek into their lives and what they have done so far for Bryant Park. The look of nervous anticipation as they wait for Tim Gunn's critique of their work.
After watching this episode, I am excited about everyone's collection, except Laura's. What I saw from this episode looked exquisite in detail and construction but there was nothing that stood out. It was what I expected from her but just not my cup of tea.

Michael's seemed a bit hit and miss, with one shirt looking like one of Liberace's stage costumes. Tim Gunn subsequently told him to make it work. I hope his collection doesn't disappoint as I was rooting for him to win.

Uli had some nice dresses and shock - items not in a print. I really like Uli's designs and think they are very wearable. Where can I get me an Uli Herzner?

Jeffrey also had some nice pieces and not all were goth punk rocker. He had some pretty dresses that were not what you would expect from Jeffrey, but they still had his edge.

What I am most excited about is: 'Sew-gate' Did he or didn't he (Jeffrey) sew all his pieces himself? Will he be allowed to show at Bryant Park?... (well I know the answer to this... He is. But is he eligible to win?)

I want to know and I want to know now.

Roll on Final Finale!!
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17 Sep 2006

Who Needs a Plan A, When There is a Plan B!

As Jay-Z once said "Now can I get an encore, do you want more?" and the answer is: YES WE DO!!
But in this case not from Jay-Z but from The Rub.

As per my previous post Rub-A-Dub-Dub, 3 DJs in a Club, I was looking forward to seeing these DJ's play at Plan B.
I have only ever seen one third of their trio DJ Eleven DJ live before, and that is always a guaranteed good night out with my friends. So having the whole of The Rub in town was no exception.

We danced till our feet hurt, drank till we were merry and a good time was had by all. If this was a review, I would give it two giant thumbs up!! (or insert current slang term for good here)

However, they have now left our fair isle and headed for mainland Europe...booooo.(kidding)

But should anyone out there want to hear the handy work of The Rub, I would recommend:


If however, you cannot wait and want to hear The Rub now now now.... click here or here.

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15 Sep 2006

The Rub-a-dub dub, 3 DJs in a club...

Yipeee The Rub are in town on their European Tour. They are playing at Plan B in Brixton and I cannot wait.

The Rub is comprised of three DJs - Eleven, Ayres and Cosmo Baker and if their mixtapes are anything to go by, I know that tonight will be a good night.

So if you see these men - follow them as they will lead you straight to the party. Make sure you have your dancing shoes!!

Good friends, Good Music...what more could I ask for.
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14 Sep 2006

Rediscovering Sex and The City

I couldn't sleep last night and so I thought I would pop in a dvd and see if that would help. Answer: No.
The reason being, I got so engrossed in what I was watching I forgot all about needing to sleep.

I chose 'Sex and The City: Season 4' as I thought quick short episodes as opposed to a two hour movie.

I opted for my favourite episode 'The Good Fight' where Aiden moves in with Carrie and they fight about Aiden's stuff being all over the apartment, Carrie feeling claustrophobic and the catalyst..Pete the dog eats Carrie's favourite Manolos.
I love this scene and can watch it again and again.

I have the complete Sex and The City collection and watch them occasionally when there is nothing else on TV or want to look at pretty clothes and accessories, but what made it different this time was I watched the episode with Michael Patrick King's commentary on.

Normally the only extras on a DVD I will watch are the bloopers or deleted scenes. Extra commentary annoyed me as it was like having someone yak yak yak in your ear while you watched the movie/programme. (If I wanted someone to yak in my ear I would have watched it with my mum)

I don't know what possessed me to do it, maybe it was the urge to do something different as I had seen this episode without the commentary 100 times before.
And do you know what?... It was great! It gave me an insight into the thought process behind the writing and filming of an episode. How some details were accidental, what was deliberate, what was ad-libbed and what were in-jokes or references to episodes in earlier seasons. Amazing. It just made me notice things in the episode that I hadn't previously and probably would have never noticed.

So I watched 'The Good Fight' and 2 more episodes. The only way I was going to get to sleep was if I turned it all off. Which I did.

However, I will be returning to the world of New York to see Carrie and co. and I will be taking Michael as my tour guide through the city and the relationships between the girls and the men they encounter.

I recommend if you are a girl and have the DVDs, to watch the episodes with the commentary on...Go on you know you want to.
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