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30 Nov 2011

Champagne Pow Pow

This weekend my friend is leaving us and heading to the hills (well technically The Alps) to embark on an adventure as a chalet host for a ski season. An avid skier and all round outdoorsy person, I can't actually believe she hasn't done this sooner.

Usually I do get a bit jealous when anyone I know heads away on holiday, except for ski-type holidays as I'm just not into them. The potential for bones getting broken is too high. I do however love the thought of the apres-ski - roaring fires, hot chocolate, alcohol and food - or so I've been led to believe.

However the launch of Ashish's ski range for Topshop puts a tick in the pro-skiing box. I love a pun, so these oversize sweatshirts and hoodies emblazoned with a play on ski words suits me down to the ground. I'm also partial to a little bit of leopard print, so another plus.

View the full collection online at

Also for those of you wondering what 'Champagne Pow Pow' is, apparently it is "Very dry snow, which is often so light it can't be made into a snowball". Who knew eh?

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4 Jan 2010


Ha ha.. the term Bum bag never fails to make me chuckle. It's no better in Yank speak either - Fanny pack.

But you have to admit this quilted and studded lion head bum-bag from Topshop is amazing!

Thanks to my lovely pals who got it for me at Christmas.

Here is a little vid I made using my beloved Digital Harinezumi camera during our Christmas dinner.
It's a bit dark as the camera doesn't do so well in low light, so you may have to squint.

The quality of the video reminded me of the opening credits to the Wonder Years - where there was no sound, and all everyone ever did was wave at the camera.


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15 Dec 2009


I've always had a bit of soft spot for animal print. Don't get me wrong - I'm not talking OTT head to toe, animal rugs on the floor or anything like that. I'm talking the odd top, cardi, tank etc.

But now I want this Topshop Coat.

Super soft, super warm, and with just the right amount of '60s feel.

Long story short - I want. Husband no like.

He says it looks like a prostitute coat.

I say.. he's been watching too much Band Of Gold

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19 Nov 2009

My Current Obsession

I want want want this velvet playsuit from Topshop

I'd want it more if it were a dress, but we can't have everything.
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11 Sep 2006

Topshop does it again...

Imagine my delight when I saw this..

So, not only does Topshop lead the way on the high street it has now turned to technology to further widen the gap between it and it's competitors.

Not only do they have a website where us girlies can go and get a Topshop fix from the comfort of our own homes (For those of you who may not know, or have been living under a rock: Here is the link TOPSHOP.. bookmark it now)

Topshop have now launched a VIDEO PODCAST informing us all of the new items hitting the store this week. So now you can have your Topshop fix where ever you are...start making your list now.

There has only been one episode so far packed full of tops, coats and shoes that I want now now now!
All the items whizz across the screen giving you all the information you need i.e price, name, code etc. What more could you want?

It puts Tophop up there with the likes of and who have long been doing the fashion podcast (if you want information on these podcasts, just look to your left under 'Podcasts I like') Albeit Topshop's podcast is more retail oriented.

How many other high street retailers will follow suit or be able to pull it off?
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