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11 Jan 2019

My 5 Favourite Memories of 2018

Hello there! It's been a while since my last post (the last post was in 2017) eeek.
I didn't mean to not write for so long, but time just flew by and before I knew it... it's 2019!

So, why am I writing this?
1) I want to start writing on my blog again, and...
2) I think it’s nice to reflect on the good times.

Here are some of my favourite memories from 2018.

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16 Apr 2017


After our quick trip to Kyoto, we hopped on a train and journeyed to our next destination - Osaka!
If you want some ideas on what to see  if you only have 24 hours in Osaka, then keep on reading. 
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10 Apr 2017


A couple of weeks ago I got to visit two new places in Japan (one of my favourite countries) - Kyoto and Osaka.
We weren't in either city for very long, but I  tried to see as much as I could in the time that I had, so let me tell you about the places I saw in Kyoto...
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18 Jan 2017

Thank you 2016!

...and just like that 2016 was over.

Ok, so it wasn't just like that. It was over in 12 months. The usual amount of time in a year.
From a personal point of view, 2016 was not too shabby. I was lucky enough to travel to a few places, as well as sneak in a few extra trips to the Philippines to visit family.

I would say I clocked up more air miles this year than any other year of my adult life.

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27 May 2016

Laundry Day in Macau

Laundry Day in Macay by

A couple of Sundays ago, a group of friends and I hopped on a ferry and made our way to Macau for a little day trip, hoping to take some photos and see if we could find anything interesting.
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21 May 2016

SO FAR IN 2016

Well, that 6 months since my last post just flew by.
There I was thinking about writing a post about my goals for 2016, a recap of 2015, and some other things... and BAM! It's May.
Anyway, I'll try and catch you up on some stuff that's happened in the last 6 months.

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8 Nov 2015

Indonesia Adventures: Do Good. Feel Good.

Time for the latest installment of my 'Indonesia Adventures'. Are you sitting comfortably? Ok, let's begin...

On this trip to Indonesia, I have experienced and seen lots of things that I'll remember forever. However, one of the memories I will treasure the most is volunteering at Taman Bacaan Pelangi (Rainbow Reading Gardens).

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2 Nov 2015

Indonesia Adventures: Arts & Crafts in Yogyakarta

Skills on display at Ansor's Silver
On this trip to Indonesia, I was prepared to see amazing sights and eat delicious food, but to also have some arts & crafts thrown in - well, that was an unexpected surprise!

I like making things. There is always a sense of satisfaction when you see the end product knowing you made it with our own two hands, so I was excited to give silver filigree and batik making a try in Yogyakarta - the centre of Javanese arts.

How did it go?

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23 Oct 2015

Wonderful Indonesia + WIN A TRIP TO KOMODO ISLAND!

Sunset at Labuan Bajo 
When an email arrives from the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia inviting you to come and explore the beauty of their country,
the answer is pretty simple - yes, please!

After 14 days, 8 hotels, countless flights, coaches and boats, I am back home with a camera and heart full of memories.

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31 Aug 2015

Weekend Wanderings: Mong Kok

Mong Kok at Night by
The lights of Mong Kok. (Photo by me)
What did you do this weekend?

This weekend some friends and I took our cameras over to Mong Kok and walked around this vibrant area taking in the sights, sounds, and (sometimes the stinky tofu) smell.

We went to see if we could capture a little bit of this energy in our photos.
You can view my attempts at night time street photography over on my Hello Jesso - Tumblr.

Located in Kowloon, Mong Kok has been described as one of the most densely populated areas in the world, and when you're there, you can definitely feel it. It is the epitome of hustle and bustle. The streets are teeming with locals, tourists, workers, shoppers - basically everybody seems to be in Mong Kok.
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12 Aug 2015

Anniversary Adventures

Anniversary Adventures by Hello Jesso
Seven years ago at the Haymarket Hotel
This past weekend was my seven year wedding anniversary. I can't believe how fast time has flown on this incredible journey.

I  wanted to share with you what we did to celebrate - don't worry it's nothing soppy and there's no PDA - so without further ado, here are my four-anniversary essentials...

ONE - The husband.
This is pretty self-explanatory.

TWO - Room with a view.
In the words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation "treat yo self". Sometimes we treat ourselves to a trip away, but this year we had a little staycation at The Upper House.

THREE - Adventure
Go somewhere you've never been. Do something you want to do. Make a brand new memory.
We ventured out to the end of the West Rail line into the New Territories to Tin Shui Wai. We didn't know what was there, but we figured as we had never been why not go and find out.

FOUR - Sunset
Once we got to Tin Shui Wai, we got in a distinct green New Territories taxi and headed to Lau Fau Shan - a small fishing village. On the other side of the water was China. You could see Shenzhen from where we were standing! The beach was covered in what looked like oyster shells and that's where we watched sunset. Sunset and oysters, that's romantic, right?

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5 Aug 2015

A weekend in Bali

Nusa Dua Beach. Photo by: Hello Jesso
Nusa Dua
Bali has long been on my list of places 'to go'. A far-flung paradise I'd heard so much about and seen so many beautiful pictures of. Well, I finally got to go for the weekend as some friends of ours had picked Bali as their wedding destination.

To make a long story short, we did very little on this weekend away. About 0% of our time was spent exploring and 95% of our time was spent relaxing. The other 5% was wedding stuff. Sometimes you need holidays like this. Time to switch off and just enjoy the moments. Also, I figured that the lack of exploring this time round means there is a definite reason to go back.

Anyway, I took very few photos but here are some to give you an idea of what we did and what we saw.

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1 Jul 2015

Weekend Wanderings: Cape D'Aguilar

Weekend wanderings at Cape D'Aguilar in Hong Kong

Summer has arrived in Hong Kong. The days of 90+ percent humidity and 'very hot weather warnings' are back. This means it's time to hibernate in air conditioned comfort and only go out when absolutely necessary.

However, last weekend I braved the sun, the humidity, and the non-stop sweating and ventured out to Cape D'Aguilar -    I even made a video about it!

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17 Sep 2014

LA Confidential

Actually, it's not really confidential as I'm about to share with you all the things that I saw, places I went, and food that I ate during my recent trip to Los Angeles.

Here is my LA diary -
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6 Sep 2014

Travel Packing - My Ideal Wash Bag from Cath Kidston

New toiletries bag alert!
Ok. I'm excited as I have travel plans on the horizon - I am going to LA for the first time! Even though I hate packing my clothes and shoes etc, I actually like packing my toiletries so I am always on the look out for the perfect toiletries bag / wash bag / whatever you want to call it.

My criteria:
- Can't be too big or bulky
- Must fit EVERYTHING I need. Eliminate need for extra bags/pouches etc. (excluding carry on toiletries pouch)
-Must fit everything NEATLY
- Looks nice

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3 Aug 2014

Seoul Adventures Part 2 - Food

Korean pancakes and salads
When visiting a new place, food is just as important as seeing the sights. Well, I think so anyway. It doesn't have to be a fancy, 'trendy', or expensive. It just has to be yum. Here's Part 2 of my Seoul Adventures - the selection of food I ate whilst in Seoul.  *Warning*  may cause hunger.

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2 Aug 2014

Where I Stayed in Seoul

Hotel ShinShin Robes and Towels
A couple of weeks ago I got take my first trip to Seoul. Edward (The Husband) had to go for a conference and I got to tag along. So whilst he was busy going to meetings, I got to explore.

However, let's start at the beginning and the basics of the trip - Where we stayed and How we got there.

Who I flew with: Korean Air
I used Skycanner to find a matching flight so that I could fly with Edward. I think I've mentioned my feelings on Korean Air before when we flew to New York. What's not to love about an airline that has seats that actually fit normal sized human beings so you don't have to tuck your knees into your nostrils. Again, Korean Air got 2 thumbs up from me.

Now for the hotels...
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1 Aug 2014

Seoul Adventures Part 1 - Shopping

Mirror Selfie in Seoul
Greetings from Seoul!
Ok, technically I've been back from Seoul for a week now, but I just wanted to share some of my Seoul adventures with you.

If you want to know about the travel aspect of the trip: who we flew with and where we stayed etc. you're in luck. You can read all about it on my travel blog where I've done a whole post on - Where I Stayed  - Seoul.

If you want to read about shopping and food in Seoul, then get comfy. First up - SHOPPING...

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17 May 2014

One Year On...

With all the excitement of moving country and exploring my new city, I kind of forgot to blog. Oops, my bad.

There was a lot to take in and a lot of things happened. So, in order to get to you up to speed, here's a recap. Are you sitting comfortably? Ok, then let's go back in time...

FEB 2013:
Where I went: I moved to Hong Kong. You know that bit already.
Who I flew with: Cathay Pacific
I flew Premium Economy and it was great! A good amount of leg room for my short legs, noise cancelling headphones, and a super clean toilet! What more could I ask for?  
Where I stayed: Our new home. 
Other info: I started a Project 365 on Instagram, taking snaps of the things I saw in my first year of living here. See the pictures at #jess_a_day

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18 May 2012

Where I Stayed: Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

I'm working on a weird timeline at the moment, writing about things that have happened, are happening and will happen, so bear with me on this crazy journey backwards and forwards through time.

Right now I'm taking you back to January (I know, I know) and am going to tell you about our stay at Hotel Icon, Hong Kong.

After experiencing the relaxation and beaches of Philippines, we decided to stop off for a few days in Hong Kong. It was a great way to ease ourselves back into city living and cooler temperatures, before we hit the literally freezing reality of home.

I'd like to say I chose this hotel because it was designed by prolific local architect Rocco Yim, with interiors by Terence and William Lim. Instead my choice was based on something a lot less glamourous. I went on Trip Advisor, searched for hotels in Hong Kong, filtered by those who offered free wi-fi and voila! Hotel Icon was chosen. Obviously, free wi-fi was not the only plus point. The reviews were excellent and the hotel looked, for want of a better word - amazing!

Hotel Icon Pool & Gym (image via Hotel Icon)
Located in Tsim Sha Tui East, Kowloon, the hotel is on the other side of the harbour. However, getting across to Hong Kong Island is easy peasy; taxi via tunnel, MTR, ferry or even helicopter if you like - we were given that option at the hotel concierge!

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