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16 Apr 2017


After our quick trip to Kyoto, we hopped on a train and journeyed to our next destination - Osaka!
If you want some ideas on what to see  if you only have 24 hours in Osaka, then keep on reading. 
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6 Sep 2014

Travel Packing - My Ideal Wash Bag from Cath Kidston

New toiletries bag alert!
Ok. I'm excited as I have travel plans on the horizon - I am going to LA for the first time! Even though I hate packing my clothes and shoes etc, I actually like packing my toiletries so I am always on the look out for the perfect toiletries bag / wash bag / whatever you want to call it.

My criteria:
- Can't be too big or bulky
- Must fit EVERYTHING I need. Eliminate need for extra bags/pouches etc. (excluding carry on toiletries pouch)
-Must fit everything NEATLY
- Looks nice

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4 Apr 2012

Carry on Longchamp

Seriously, I don't know why I don't just buy one of these Longchamp bags. I seem to be always 'wishing' I had bought one.

First I let this Jeremy Scott credit card pliage bag slip by.

Then this very appropriate Jeremy Scott 'Greetings from Paradise' tote ...
Hmmm, I'm starting to see a Jeremy Scott theme here. 

Anyway, as both of these bags are long gone and consigned to the 'I wish' pile, my attention has been drawn to this Mary Katranzou 'Lantern' print tote

Wouldn't it just make a great holiday bag? I think so. 

*Images via Selfridges. 
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1 Oct 2011

Tuck Me In

If you're going to fly First Class and have the luxury of full flat beds, designer sleep suits and toiletries;  you might as well go that extra (air) mile in the name of luxe.

You may be provided with duvets and pillows, but how about you bring along your own silk quilt? Too much? Nah, I don't think so.

Imagine snuggling down in your flat bed 35,000ft in the air with a Swash Jangala ivory silk crepe de chine quilt. Lovely. Definitely a far cry from the static charged fleece blankets you find in economy, and prettier too.

Look, it even comes with leather harness for easy carrying. Smart. 

Images via: Net-A-Porter

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30 Nov 2010

I'm Too Weak To Resist - Liberty x Apple Collaboration

Tomorrow sees the launch of the Apple x Liberty collaboration and how can they seriously expect me to resist?

The collection has cases for all your Apple essentials - iPhone, iPad and MacBooks. Perfect for all you busy busy folk who need to travel with all your devices, but want more than just a piece of neoprene to put around your precious [insert name of device here]. You'll be the envy of your fellow travellers, who you'll see sneaking a peak at your case out of the corner of their eye.

I know you'll probably want to know which ones I'll be wanting right? No? Ok. I'm just going to go ahead and tell you anyway, so here goes...

Liberty London 13" Business Case - In Edenham and Betsy Print. I wish the business case came in 15" though so that the next time I go somewhere and need to bring my laptop with me, I could bring it one of these.

Available at Liberty:  Online - 30th Nov // In-store - 1st Dec
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25 Jun 2010

Crowning Glory

Oops how slack of me, it's been nearly a month since I last posted.

In all fairness I have been distracted with mourning Lost, holiday research and booking our trip to Albi, and finally my birthday!

Speaking of which, my pals at the day job  bought me a lovely Jennifer Ouellette turban headband in an exclusive peacock Liberty print.  Lucky aren't I?

If you think you've seen this style of headband before, you prob have - it is a Blair Waldorf staple as all those who watch Gossip Girl will attest too.

I love it and think it would make a great holiday accessory - mainly because I love a turban. Just look at Grace Kelly on holiday...

Clearly, I wouldn't look like that, but it can't hurt to make an effort in the accessories department, even if you are just lying on the beach or lounging by the pool. After all, this is a much better look than sunburnt scalp!

Unfortunately I am not blessed with the dexterity to tie a head scarf, so that is why these turban headbands are a god-send. Now that I have this one, I of course want lots of other colour and print options.

Alternatively, I could just watch this tutorial on tying headscarves and turbans.

How to Tie a Turban

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28 May 2010

iPad iPad iPad - Possibly the Best Holiday Accessory!

You may have read or heard all the buzz about the iPad - Apple's newest magical gadget. If you haven't, where have you been?

Well tomorrow (Friday 28th May) is iPad day or as I have decided to call it - FriPad day. I don't think it will catch on though. Anyway,  the Apple Store on Regents Street in London will be opening at 8am to welcome all those who want to get their hands on the new device. 

My friend pre-ordered one, and the surprise of the day was that her iPad arrived at work TODAY! A day earlier than expected!   It was amazing, as silence descended on our department as she opened the mystical box. Needless to say I am a little (read as a lot) jealous.

Oh well, if like me you won't be owning an iPad anytime soon, you could always play with one in an Apple Store along with the rest of the masses, or go for the much nicer option of booking a stay at The Berkeley Hotel.

The Berkeley Hotel is currently offering the use of an iPad when staying in either their Berkeley Suite, Conservatory Suite, or the Chelsea Suite. The iPad available for use will be loaded with lots of applications that the concierge team feel would be useful for you during your stay. Not a bad idea right?

What's the catch you may ask? Well staying in a suite at The Berkeley Hotel is not cheap, and prices can start from £1300 per night. If my maths is correct, for this price you could buy two or three iPads (depending on whether you get one with Wi-Fi/3G or not); either way it's great to see a hotel embracing new technology. 

Needless to say I want an iPad. I don't need one, but I wouldn't say no. Anyone like to give me an iPad? Mr. Jobs? 

It would be the ultimate holiday accessory providing you with mucho entertainment - watch movies, play games, read books, magazines... just imagine the possibilities. Just think, no more bulky paperbacks taking up space in your luggage leaving more room for more clothes. I say it would be win-win all round.

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11 May 2010

Towel Dry

To be honest, I've only ever owned one beach towel which I bought on a trip to Sardinia a couple of years ago. It's nothing special, in fact it looks like some crazy '80s graphic - pink with lots of primary colour squiggles. Who knows why I chose that one.

Anyway, I think it might be time for an upgrade in the beach towel stakes to one of these Special Items from Marc Jacobs.

These flag towels have the country flag on one side and then a city on the other side with the addresses of where the Marc Jacobs stores are. Handy. In effect these towels are a nice bit of advertising for Mr Jacobs, but hey, they look nice - plus they are only $19 on the website, which means they can't be that much more in the London store. Bonus.
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5 May 2010

What To Pack?

Oh no! I think I forgot my [insert relevant item here]

There will be no more of those moments - you know the ones where the panic kicks in and your brain starts racing to try and figure out how you are going to do without it, or where you can get a replacement - thanks to Knock Knock's - Pack This Pad.

So if you need a helping hand packing and making sure you don't forget anything, pick up this pad!
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