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7 Jul 2014

Summer Wishlist: River Island Strappy Cami

This is now my second summer in Hong Kong, and I wouldn't say that I have fully acclimatised but at least I don't feel like I'm going to burst into flames like a vampire coming into contact with the sun anymore. Progress, right?

I've never been one for warm weather dressing. I'm a sweater, not the knitted garment kind, the sweating kind. This means I've always found it hard to dress for the heat. I don't want to be all damp and feel like my clothes are stuck to me, and god forbid visible sweat patches. 

My Hong Kong summer uniform right now consists of a lot of denim shorts and sleeves tees and tanks. Although they tick all the right boxes in terms of comfort, sometimes I feel a little too casual. That's where these strappy camis from River Island come in...

Smart-ish, different from a regular cami/vest, can be dressed up or down, will keep me cool in the heat, and comfortable... tick tick and tick tick tick (or check, to you American English folk). 

I've never been a huge River Island fan in the past as a lot of the clothes had far too many diamante details and embellishments for my liking, but I think these understated strappy camis are a winner. 

All that's left for me to do is order them. Thank goodness they ship internationally! 

If you have any tips for dressing in the heat or staying cool - feel free to share them in the comments below. 
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3 Feb 2010


New year, new season stuffs, new wants.

Want #254 - Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Studded Canvas Bag from Net-A-Porter.

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3 Jan 2010

Midas Touch

I'm having a gold phase at the moment, and I can only wish of having Midas' power of turning stuff into gold.
However, I'm pretty sure it's a skill that can't be learned, so I will just have to make do with buying my own gold trinkets.

These are a few that are on my list:

Top Row (L-R):
-Medallion Earrings and Locket by House of Harlow 1960
-Garden Key Necklace by Alex Monroe
-Candy Ring by Monica Vinader - In fact pretty much any gold ring from Monica will do.

Bottom Row (L-R):
-Big Single Feather Necklace by Alex Monroe
-Key Ring by House of Harlow 1960
-Sylvie' Beaded Necklace by Fiona Paxton - It's not new, but I don't own it so it stays on the list of 'Wants'.
-Large Pyramid stud style ring by Kenneth Jay Lane - Actually, I can check this one off my list as I have it. Thanks Sale at Net-A-Porter.

So that's my gold wish list so far, but we are only three days into the New Year.
I am kinda shocked I like the House of Harlow stuff considering it is by Nicole Richie - whose appearance in The Simple Life repulsed me and put me off her for life, but her jewellery collection is not bad...

Anyway, my hands are about to drop off from the cold so I am going to stop typing now.
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26 Dec 2009

Head Gear

This may not protect my brain should I be in some sort of automobile accident, but this is the head gear I want to be wearing.

After my mini obsession with Luella headbands, I've now moved on to this velvet Marc By Marc Jacobs number which is currently on sale at good ol' Net-A-Porter.

I just found an old Euro Millions ticket in my drawer - maybe I've won!
I don't even need the jackpot (although that would be nice) - I just would like £63 for this headband.
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14 May 2009

Lunch with the gang - Luella, Marc and Jade

Lunch was good today. Went with Jade and met with Luella and Marc - you know how it is.

First stop Luella...

Had to stop myself from getting more bow headbands to add to my collection. This was very difficult as they now come in lilac, purple, bright pink and orange - lovely.

There were also a couple of dresses that caught my eye, but due to the failure of winning last weeks Euro Millions; these dresses were slightly a lot out of my price range.

On another Luella note though, her website has finally been re-done to show the correct seasons collection - it's about time! It's a bit weird to use, but I'll persevere to be able to look at nice things.

Anyway I digress... after a short walk we went to visit the new Marc By Marc Jacobs store. Only one world to describe it - overwhelming - but in a good way. Obviously there was lots of stuff I wanted, but I settled on...
USA Tote - Borderline tacky it's amazing! I love it.

All in all, an amazing lunch. Tomorrow lunch time has a lot to live up to.
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6 Oct 2008

Eye of the Tiger

Ummm, how can I put this... I want this tee please!
(Ignore the intense stare/ cheesy model)

It's by Zakee Shariff for ASOS.

Granted it is nothing amazing, but I love a tee.

What do I love about this particular tee? It's soft jersey, its got a tiger on the front, and most importantly - it's colourful.

That's probably why I am also drawn to this 'Life Is Boring' Tee from Urban Outfitters

I'd like to wear either one to work, with my fave oversize cardi and my tea cosy hat.

Done and done.

Ooo, and not forgetting my beloved man shoes from Office.

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1 Sep 2008

Life Through A Lens

Meet my camera - the Canon Powershot G7. I've had it just over a year and I love it to bits, but I am secretly wanting to trade up to the Canon Powershot G9 (ssshh don't tell my camera).
There is not much in it - a few extra megapixels, bigger screen, the return of RAW format to the G-series and time lapse functionality to name but a few of the differences.

To appease myself and the fact that I probably won't end up getting the G9, I am looking to spruce up my G7 with some accessories... woo hoo.

Ok, so these are the things I want:

Canon SC-DC50 leather rangefinder case. Nice isn't it?

And a fish eye lens and adaptor.

There are a few out there on Amazon and eBay but I don't know which one to get so I am still umming and ahhing. I have to do more research.

I think that is all I need to continue loving my Canon G7.

Anyway, if you are interested in the kind of piccatures that I take, feel free to have a peek at my Flickr.
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10 Nov 2006

Victor and Rolf Fever Hits the High Street

When I heard the news that Viktor and Rolf had joined forces with H&M, I was giddy with excitement. At previous H&M collaborations -Karl Lagerfeld & Stella McCartney- I was there, not necessarily at doors opening, but I was there. So in the lead up to the 9th of November I repeatedly visited H&M's website making a wish list of what I wanted from the collection... not much just a couple of shirts. However, as funds are running low I was not getting too attached to avoid any disappointment.

I am not a big fan of crowds and the thought of being in a scrum for some shirts was all to much to bear. I thought I'll pop along about an hour after doors opening as I figured most people would have to be at work and the furor would have died down allowing people a little more elbow room and space to breath.

I was right. I went to H&M High Street Kensington and the store seemed calm, no stampede, no fights... where was everybody? I made my way upstairs and to the back of the store where there was only a handful of people in the victor & Rolf section. Everything seemed quite civilised. I felt relieved I had missed the madness and would be able to browse in peace. Oh yes, I would be able to browse in peace, but the problem was there was nothing left!

Well I exaggerate, there was stuff left but not the stuff I had marked out on my wish list. I browsed the rest of the store and saw some nice bits and pieces, but left empty handed. I took it as a sign from the financial gods that it was not meant to be.

However, all was not lost as next stop was H&M Oxford Street. By now it was lunch time and I actually felt scared as I came down the escalator. Obviously people who hadn't been able to be there at opening time were ready to forego eating this lunch hour and feed their shopping appetite instead.
I couldn't even get close to the rails. I did see lots of empty racks and shelves and the queues at the tills were ridiculous. The women in the queue were clutching their finds tight as other shoppers circled them waiting to see if any of the items would be discarded. I was in the store all of 10 minutes and then I left. Ney mind.

Anyhoo, to see what happened when the doors opened at Oxford street, Catwalk Queen braved the crowds and filmed the madness.

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3 Nov 2006

I want....

Lately I have been lusting after the dresses of Alice McCall. *sigh*

So pretty and feminine but modern. Her use of pattern, colour and detail is impeccable.

To get a closer look at the rest of her collection, visit her website and start making your wish list now.

TIP: Don't lean to close to the screen or you'll get drool on the keyboard.

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