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28 May 2010

iPad iPad iPad - Possibly the Best Holiday Accessory!

You may have read or heard all the buzz about the iPad - Apple's newest magical gadget. If you haven't, where have you been?

Well tomorrow (Friday 28th May) is iPad day or as I have decided to call it - FriPad day. I don't think it will catch on though. Anyway,  the Apple Store on Regents Street in London will be opening at 8am to welcome all those who want to get their hands on the new device. 

My friend pre-ordered one, and the surprise of the day was that her iPad arrived at work TODAY! A day earlier than expected!   It was amazing, as silence descended on our department as she opened the mystical box. Needless to say I am a little (read as a lot) jealous.

Oh well, if like me you won't be owning an iPad anytime soon, you could always play with one in an Apple Store along with the rest of the masses, or go for the much nicer option of booking a stay at The Berkeley Hotel.

The Berkeley Hotel is currently offering the use of an iPad when staying in either their Berkeley Suite, Conservatory Suite, or the Chelsea Suite. The iPad available for use will be loaded with lots of applications that the concierge team feel would be useful for you during your stay. Not a bad idea right?

What's the catch you may ask? Well staying in a suite at The Berkeley Hotel is not cheap, and prices can start from £1300 per night. If my maths is correct, for this price you could buy two or three iPads (depending on whether you get one with Wi-Fi/3G or not); either way it's great to see a hotel embracing new technology. 

Needless to say I want an iPad. I don't need one, but I wouldn't say no. Anyone like to give me an iPad? Mr. Jobs? 

It would be the ultimate holiday accessory providing you with mucho entertainment - watch movies, play games, read books, magazines... just imagine the possibilities. Just think, no more bulky paperbacks taking up space in your luggage leaving more room for more clothes. I say it would be win-win all round.

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